Sunglasses at Mass?


I’ll preface this with the fact that I’m really not sure where this best fits, so I hope it’s alright to post this question in this particular forum.

Basically, my question is would it be okay to wear sunglasses in church during Mass? (Also, I’m very open to any other suggestions!)

I get migraines a few times per week, and they are pretty bad. I don’t like letting them get in the way of my daily life an responsibilities, though. I have prescription Imitrex injections that I use when I get them, but often I’m still in pretty excruciating pain for a while.

At home, (and at work), I usually wear a pair of sunglasses while waiting for the pain and nausea to subside, because my sensitivity to light is pretty intense. Is this something that is a feasible option when I’m experiencing a migraine on a Sunday? Or does anyone else have any suggestions that may help? Maybe wearing my veil so that it covers my face, too?

I don’t really know. What I do know is that I just converted, and I’ve already missed Mass three times since Holy Saturday, which is very frustrating to me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or helpful advice!


My wife has transition lenses and they darken automatically. She sings in the choir and when the sun hits her she’s wearing “sun” glasses and she doesn’t have a medical condition (other then she can’t see too well). Put your glasses on and go to Mass.


Compassion for the sick comes first.

I think yes as well.

And if you’re not well enough to go to a mass, that is excused.

God bless you+


I do not see a problem with it. I’ll send some prayers your way.

God bless

jesus g


Do what you gotta do. It’s nobody’s business but yours. (And the Lord’s, but Compassion is His middle name)


absolutely no problem with wearing sunglasses at Mass. If someone questions, that is their problem, but frankly, I don’t think anyone would.

My first thought was “medical condition” and the second was “beach after Mass”! We used to live in a tropical area and sunglasses were just necessary for eye health!


It should not be an issue. You have a medical problem and should not be deterred from participating in the Mass simply because you need to shield your eyes from bright lights.

The very fact that you are looking for ways to make going to Mass possible, rather than looking for excuses not to go, speaks volumes about your faith and heart for Christ.

But - as someone above said - if you cannot get there because of severe pain, that is excusable. Why not have a quiet word with your priest so he knows the situation?

I have bad joint problems and cannot kneel for more than about a minute at most without my knees locking up in awful pain. My priest knows I am not being lazy or irreverent, he just knows I cannot kneel for long. Once I told him this, I felt so much better about it. Before I told him, I was beating myself up over it. He told me that what mattered the most was that I was actually there, complete with all my frailties.


I thought it would be ok if it were just eyeglasses. But sunglasses, i dont find it appropriate worn inside the church especially during Mass. Though,you have your reasons so i think you are excused.


Wear your sunglasses with no fear of God or man!

Anyone who makes a comment to you is just plain tactless and a busybody.


No excuse is necessary on the OPs part. This is a medical condition that no one else needs to know about


He was asking for opinion and open to suggestions. And i dont need to explain myself since it was not addressed to you! Now look whos talking?!


When I was speaking about comments, I was referring to people in person, in the OPs church who might make a comment or ask why the OP was wearing sunglasses. That should have been made clearer on my part.

I STILL think anyone who goes up to this person in church and ask her why she is wearing glasses or makes a comment is tactless and a busybody.

I was not referring to you, and no, you don’t have to explain yourself … and I hope you feel better jumping on my case.


I say go ahead.

I don’t know why anybody would object. They are not a fashion statement; they are to relieve a bodily condition.

No one needs to see your eyes, after all, except our LORD, who already sees behind them :):):slight_smile:



I have chronic migraines and must wear sunglasses indoors and outdoors. Floursecent lights are a particular trigger for me. I also cannot tolerate loud noises so attending Mass with a loud choir can be very painful also. I say wear the sun glasses. I thank God when I feel well enough to even attend Mass on a regular basis. I do hope that you will feel better. :thumbsup:


Absolutely, wear the sunglasses. No one else’s opinion matters.


Sure it’s ok, as long as you don’t wear your baseball cap on backwards! :wink:
Best of luck with dealing with your condition. I’m sure it will work out fine at church.


Or earphones! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen older people in Mass with sunglasses and didn’t think anything of it.

As I’ve become more ‘devoted’ (sometimes through Grace, and sometimes by concentrating hard!), I don’t notice others as much. I shouldn’t, anyway.

PS: St. Teresa of Avila is the patroness of migraines/headaches, I believe.


I’d agree - if you need them, wear them!

:slight_smile: Personally, I’d only ask that when not wearing them you don’t hook them on the back of your shirt collar during mass. A gentlemen did that today at the mass I attended and I’m sure he didn’t mean anything but it was a tiny distraction for me since it was iffy every time he sat down on whether they’d hit the back of the pew or not. It was probably just the mom in me, but I kept wanting to intervene to make sure they didn’t hit/make noise. :o


Earphones only if you need them for translation at WYD, or the equivalent :):):slight_smile:

(After WYD 05 at Cologne, I heard someone criticizing those “disrespectful kids” who wore headphones during the Mass. It never occurred to them that not everybody speaks the same language.)



Maybe if Mass was said in the same language all over the world that would solve it.

Wait a minute…!!!

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