Sunglasses Eucharist


I was watching the Pope visiting somewhere -
Served mass - then it was mass communion -
It was outside - nice day, blue skies …70 degrees…
But many people standing in line for the Eucharist wore sunglasses.
A few Priest even wore sunglasses too as they went about feeding the flock.

I thought it was disrespectful.
Couldn’t take them off for two minutes ?

It’s like not putting your hand over your heart during the national anthem -
like not taking off your baseball cap.

Anyone relate ?



You’re being quite outrageous.

What if the temperature was 10 below zero fahrenheit and Mass is outside for some reason? Should people not wear hats and gloves?


Could the glare of the sun be hurting people’s eyes? could they have worn sunglasses because it was sunny, and not thought of removing them or not have any place to put them?

I really don’t see any disrespect.


I have to wear my sunglasses whenever I’m outside. Very sensitive eyes. I’d have to hope that Jesus understands my intent is not to be disrespectful, but to keep from my eyes involuntarily shutting and tears flowing and my stumbling because I cannot see…


I’ve worn sunglasses at an outdoor mass before. Nothing disrespectful about it.


My glasses change in the sun. Without them I’m legally blind several times over.


Being in glaring sunlight without sunglasses can damage your eyes. The medical professionals in my family would probbaly say not a great idea



In fact, in bright sun a good pair of sunglasses could prevent stumbles!



Did I miss some general social taboo when I was growing up?


I’m glad Jesus and his disciples didn’t have sunglasses.
Imagine - them - walking into dusty town like that.



Would they have been too cool?


Well, they didn’t have cars or computers either. No doubt they would have used both - as well as sunglasses when needful - if they had been able.


Also, how many of them are probably prescription sunglasses and the only glasses they have on their person at the time?

The OP is outrageous and he should just delete this thread.


I don’t think we need come down too hard on him / her. It’s a question.

I’m outrageous at the very least once a day, I hope, but somehow I seem to get away with it. I suppose people generally think I’m not serious. :sunglasses:




Wow ! Everyone here would go up to the Altar with shades on. Didn’t know people felt so strongly about it !


I cannot believe the things about which folks on this board will complain. It’s neverending.

Let me tell you something. You never know why people are doing what they’re doing. After my mother had cancer surgery (she had melanoma removed from her scalp and she literally was left with a gaping hole in her head), she wore a hat to cover the dressings. When she went back to work, some smart*** made a remark to her about wearing a hat.

Bottom line: You don’t know why people do what they do. And further, it’s not any of your business.

Seriously, folks need to stop taking the inventory of everyone around them and focus more on themselves.


If I was outside, yes. Inside, I wear my glasses, if I don’t I can’t see.
And outside, I need the protection for my light-sensitive eyes.

Why is this such an issue for you?


Is this a trick question? :thinking:

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