Sunglasses Eucharist


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What exactly would be the problem?
Protecting your eyes from sun damage is a very good thing.


What do you think is wrong with wearing sunglasses at mass?


I just don’t like to have to talk to people wearing sunglasses. I get distracted because I have to keep looking at the reflection of distorted me! :open_mouth: I could almost have an anxiety attack sometimes. Just saying, it tends to ruffle my feathers a bit.


LOL! :sunglasses:
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Working on the lyrics now:

I wear my sunglasses at Mass
So I can, so I can
Serve His Body, Blood and Divinity


Yeah we wouldn’t want to be blinded by His appearance, as he is supposed to be as radiant as the sun! :joy::sunglasses:


Of course is not an issue…but what would Cardinal Sarah or Father Z say?

Just throwing it out there.


Wow. I had no idea this was an 80s song… I thought it was a brand new hit back in 2001. Heh


OP, intentions matter in this case. If it’s a health issue, there is no problem at all, I guess.


I would say that ever since having cataract surgery I have to wear sunglasses in bright sunlight and they are not the fashionable kind but those that really block it top, bottom, sides. Why? Because otherwise I get a screaming headache. I am quite sure that God understands and has no problem with it.

Put your focus back on God and you won’t even notice it. :slight_smile:


I suppose someone would have to ask them.


My,my my my, my…Imagine people and priests wearing sunglasses in the glaring sun…Please, tell me did the Holy Father have sunglasses on.If so God bless him and all who participated in an outdoor Mass and Communion. and protected their eyes…:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


They must be demonic!



Where’s my holy water?




Well, my ten year old Catholic niece, in a Catholic school, thought it was, she was the one who said the National anthem/hand/cap quote.
I will have to tell her about all the infirmities that people have…and see what she’ll say.

I won’t even bother to say, who, with healthy eyes,
would give them up for lent !


No. I was at the papal general audience in Rome last November, it was bright and sunny, and I wore sunglasses. If you want your eyes to last as long as possible without cataracts, caused by harmful UV rays, then wear sunglasses.

It’s just plain common sense. God doesn’t expect us to harm ourselves to worship him, just as he doesn’t expect someone with bum knees or some other handicap to genuflect.


In defense of the OP, there was a time when sun glasses had a more shady :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: reputation.

I can imagine the sisters at my Catholic school lecturing us about taking sun glasses off as soon as we were inside. And those mirrored glasses used to be disliked by some because other than for motorcycle officers, they were tended to be worn by people who didn’t want others to see what they were (or were not) looking at.

All I can say is that today I see lots of people wearing sunglasses INSIDE. It might be due to eye problems, it might be because they want to hide the fact they are crying about something, or it might be for some other good reason.

I would never have a problem with them being worn outside. We know so much more today about how damaging the sun can be to the eyes.


I agree they shouldn’t be worn indoors - there is ususally no need, except of course for those with a medical conditon/huge glary windows or whatnot.

In court people are asked to remove sunglasses, and I would expect the same in a church building.

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