Sunlight to Power University at Buffalo

Sunlight to Power UB

The University at Buffalo and the New York Power Authority will announce a major, multi-million-dollar project to construct a major, solar-energy array to provide power to the UB North (Amherst) Campus.
It will be the largest solar array installation on any campus in New York State and one of the largest in the U.S.

I surmise they will spend 100 million dollars to generate enough power to make a pot of coffee.

Probably - but they will be able to say they are green.

Don’t you need sunlight for solar power? What are they going to do on the rain and snowy days? :confused:

That is what tuition and government assistance is for.

Solar power in Buffalo!!! San Antonio, maybe, but Buffalo?

Buffalo routinely beats out Orlando in the sunshine derby. It is the sunniest North East city.

[/FONT]Buffalo Sunshine Percentage

A few of our Catholic Elementary Schools have solar panels powering the school.

We will be hosting:

SOLAR 2009 Conference Two Weeks Away

**America’s longest running national solar conference highlights top energy experts, billion-dollar opportunities in a rapidly changing industry -

Buffalo/Niagara, New York, May 11-16, 2009**

…SOLAR 2009 takes place in Buffalo/Niagara, New York, a region recognized as one of the birthplaces of the renewable energy industry. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is the Title Sponsor of SOLAR 2009.

Green team: NYPA, UB partner on solar

The New York Power Authority is helping to build a solar energy array on University at Buffalo’s North campus.
The project would generate 1.1 megawatts of power to four campus housing complexes, a total of 735 apartments housing some 2,000 students.

In 1999 the Buffalo Museum of Science installed rooftop solar panels.

I’m sure you can come up with the numbers and estimates to prove this claim, too.

I wish you guys well, but share the skepticism about Buffalo being a prime spot for solar power. According the NOAA records, the average annual possible sunshine for Buffalo (37 years of data) is 48%. This puts it pretty far down on the list of US cities. It is sunnier than Seattle, but not by a whole lot…

Which isn’t to say that the solar arrays won’t work. You guys have engineers and have studied the matter no doubt. I guess the take home point is not that Buffalo is especially sunny, but that large scale solar power works even in places such as Buffalo.

Yeah and I am not sure but I think they can store energy too. But yeah I am too doubtful if buffalo is the best place to rely on solar energy.

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