Sunset on Prolife movement?

In the 1980 and 1984 elections the Republicans won big running stating that “prolife” was number one. But campaign rhetoric did not end in anything meaningful. In this last election the only thing I heard from a Republican was a congressional candidate saying he is prochoice.

I have long opposed abortion but I have no hope that anything but possibly a minor token thing will be done to end it. Nevertheless, while 1.4 million are done every year I still picket clinics. I have seen cars slow down. look and then pull away. I have heard of people coming for abortions and the sight of us causes them to leave. And at times they change their minds and don’t return. Maybe we cannot save the millions but we might be able to save one at a time.

I recall one day seeing a mother dragging her crying teenage daughter into a clinic. The girl was pleading not to go in but mom was adamant. I often wonder what ever happened to her.

That isn’t true. The 1980 Republican Party platform recognized that Republicans disagreed about the issue of abortion, but that the party supported a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

Abortion was not a big issue in 1980. The biggest issue was the economy, which was in horrific shape. A stagnant economy combined with high inflation was squeezing the living standards of all Americans. The second biggest issue was foreign policy. The US embassy staff was still being held hostage in Tehran, and the Iranian government wasn’t resisting all entreaties to help free them. President Carter seemed helpless to do anything, and the nightly news broadcasts each episode listed how many days the hostage crisis has been ongoing.

1984 abortion began to take hold, as the influence of the Religious Right asserted itself. But abortion isn’t what led to Republican victories; those wins came from the popularity of Ronald Reagan and the association that Republican politicians had with him.

Wow, this guy wasn’t paying attention to the national news. Akin of Missouri and Mourdock of Indiana both lost their Senate races, which they had been favored to win, because of their stance on abortion.

Wondrousgnat, I apologize for those quotes looking as if you said them. They are actually written by someone else. But that person is seriously misinformed.

I don’t know that I’d say they lost because of their stance on abortion. It was mostly because they stuck their feet in their mouths in trying to articulate their stance on abortion.

Dear O.P.,

Keep doing what you can to promote life - sidewalk counseling, etc. - and try not to get discouraged. If a culture of life is to be accepted, the change must come through individual hearts such as yours.

I wonder if there are some who hold the mistaken notion (IMO) that if government outlaws abortion, the problem will simply go away. It will only go underground again, like drugs and many other things we outlaw.

Abortion should be against the law - it is certainly against the natural order and God’s will as we know it - but until hearts and minds are changed to see this - regardless of what the government does, there will a continued need for the pro-life movement.

May God bless your good efforts.

Thanks for your work in front of clinics. While we should always work to put in pro-life politicians, I wonder if we have put too much faith in politics. While we have voted in pro-life presidents, they really haven’t changed the situation except sign a few laws. Your witness of this girl is so heart breaking and show how pro-choice it really isn’t. Since she is still on your heart, continue to pray for her. We will never give up standing up for life.

I repeat. I did not hear any Republican state that he was opposed to abortion. I frequently heard Democrats state that they supported it and they opposed Republicans who opposed it. I knew about Mourdock but not from him but from the Democrats. I am a news junkie and most of my news comes from Fox (it is on right now).

I remember the 1980 campaign too well to forget that pro-life was labelled a priority. And the pro-life cause was the number one reason for my conversion to Catholicism.

Politically I feel defeated in the pro life cause. But we can still save babies one life at a time. And I do believe God calls us to do that.

Obama won reelection but the pro life movement is still winning. There has been a 25% decline in abortions since 1990. Improving ultrasound technology, pro life states laws have been successful reducing the abortion rate and network of crisis pregnancy centres have helped to reduce the abortion rate

The hope is with the young. My daughter saw the 180 video (google it on Youtube) and has become vocally pro-life after equivocating on the issue due to the influence of peers. It is a very, very effective educational video.

There are other likeminded teens there, who go against the tide and vocalize pro-life stances in the face of the authority figures and other students in her public HS.

This HS is allowing the students excused absences to go to the “March For Life” in DC this January. I know some HS’s are not so tolerant.

So it is absolutely true that education changes hearts and minds. It is important to teach the horror and sorrow that comes with abortion.

Saving one at a time will lead to saving millions. Change a person’s heart, and their vote will follow. Change enough hearts, and politicians will no longer view being pro-choice or “pro-life while running for office” as viable options.

If anyone reading this saved even one person from certain death, wouldn’t that be worth it?


Rather ironic that freedom of choice in this case meant this girl was NOT free to choose. I suspect that this is only one of many cases in which pro-choice means that the girl is given NO choice.

Granted, this is second-hand but I heard it from a reliable source. There are men who will tell the young lady, “If you don’t abort this baby, I’ll leave you.”

God is with us 100% percent.


Heck, there are also mothers who give their daughters $300 and cab fare to the abortion clinic, with the admonition, “if you don’t get the abortion, don’t come back.” Choice?

Have you heard of Gianna Jessen? Here is a link to a speech she gave in Australia. If this does not bump your spirits up I am not sure what could.

You can also check out the links in my signature to see what a lot of young people are doing.

God bless

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