Super Bowl Commercials

For those who could care less about the Super Bowl but never miss the commercials, LifeHacker ran this Adweek link today to preview some of this year’s new commercials and show some of the oldies, too:

Have you heard about the commercial?
NBC has REFUSED to air a 30-second pro-life commercial. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s without voice - just an unborn baby in the womb - with words on screen. I’ve tried to find a way to link it here but unsuccessfully. Let NBC know your opinion.

Maybe, if you try linking to you can see it. I’m not sure a link to the 30-second commercial is on there but hopefully is and still let your voice be heard at NBC.

To ME the hype about the commercials is more overblown than the game itself.

Agreed, but some are fun and everybody needs a good laugh on a regular basis, right? Keeps us from getting too serious about ourselves.

Watch the video here—then poke around the Insight blog:

TV is garbage.

It COULD be that the Catholicvote is trying the same strategy that PETA uses. PETA’s ad was rejected, too, and with good reason–it’s indecent. (For those who haven’t seen it on Youtube, it shows scantily clad women masturbating with vegetables, and the slogan is “Vegetarians have better sex.” Yechh.)

But PETA knew all along tha their commercial would be rejected. They were going for the publicity in the knowledge that everyone would look their commercial up on Youtube and watch it. That’s what my husband and I did. I wonder how many of YOU will look it up after reading this post? :wink: Note–if you do look it up, don’t let your kids see it. I’m pretty liberal when it comes to sexy things, but this is really awful.

So perhaps Catholicvote is trying the same thing–get their commercial rejected and then everyone will look it up on Youtube. Hope so. So now, go tell everyone you know about the rejected commercial and tell them to look it up on Youtube!

whats all the fuss about superbowl commericals. I never ever watch them. I switch channels when a commerial is on. so the sponors are wasting their money. their ads never get seen.

I love your answer!
And talking about commercials…none better then the coke commercial with Mean Joe Greene and the little kids. I am anxious to see the new version with Polomalu.


My favorite was the EDS cat-herders. I thought it was just hysterical, and surprising for a company that had a reputation for ultra-conservatism.

What about last year’s best?

I have to go with the FedEx “really big pigeons” commercial…

My favorite of all time, though, despite including a little bit of foul language in the versions you’ll see online, is “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker”.

I haven’t seen it - but isn’t it a shame that they can come up with good / probably creatively entertaining items - and then drop the ball (pardon the punt :smiley: ) by using foul language ~!? I wouldn’t mind seeing the commercials minus the game since I’m not a sports fan - but I don’t want to give YouTube hits PERIOD based on their past history.

I’m not surprised NBC wouldn’t air the CV commercial.

After all, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has been advancing a strongly pro-homosexual agenda for the last year or so.

Cost me as a viewer. I also sent a complaint about their pro-gay agenda. I recommend doing likewise. They have a feedback link at Tell them what schmucks they are being by advancing the pro-gay and anti-life agendas.

When we were in Russia adopting our daughter we caught a commercial on Russian TV. It was for a soft drink and as I recall it looked like it was a ripoff of the Mean Joe Greene commercial except the kid got the drink back, and after the athlete threw him his shirt, the boy used the shirt to wipe the lip of the can and then threw the shirt back! We laughed so hard.

I was surprised (I guess I don’t watch enough television) at how lewd and perverse many of them were. Nothing I would want my child to see.

Gotta put in a plug for the Dorito commercial. A little crude maybe, but I have seen much of the same on “America’s Funniest Videos” and such family shows.

These two brothers, calling themselves “nobodies from nowhere”, on the local News, spent exactly $2,000 to produce the commercial.

They won 1 million dollars, beating out some really high dollar commercials.

Good point. I’m sure the advertisers love the hype because it means that many people actually will watch the commercials rather than getting up to walk around. I never watched the Super Bowl until the last couple years or so and I’ve been greatly disappointed in the commercials. With all the hype I expected more.

That said, I loved the Pepsi “MacGruber” commercial. :rotfl: :smiley: :o

Dorito commercial, it teaches it’s ok to break and damage other peoples property, to break the 7th commandment Thou shall not steal, oh yea great commercial. With NBC its’s ok to show willing property damage, stealing and so on, but not saving a life. Ah the love of the almighty $$ :confused:

Go to They have all the commercials, and it is not a You Tube type site.

Thanks for the link! I hadn’t seen the Pepsi / Bob Dylan ‘Forever Young’ or the ads.

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