Super Bowl known as 'largest human trafficking event'


HOUSTON - This weekend’s Super Bowl is likely to transform the entire city of Houston into one huge party, yet it’s also considered the largest human trafficking event of the year by victim advocates.

“Traffickers know. Pimps know. They bring women in,” said Sam Hernandez, with Elijah Rising, a non-profit devoted to ending sex trafficking and sexual exploitation through prayer, intervention and awareness.

The Super Bowl “increases the amount of prostitution and human trafficking that is going to happen, more than any event we see,” Hernandez said.


Human trafficking is a life issue.


Yes, it is. It is a truly depressing and depraved thing. Denying innocent people a free life to earn some scumbag a quick buck. The hell those people must go through is something I can’t even comprehend.

May the Lord be with them, comfort them and grant them freedom.

I wish I could do more for them than pray.


Why are they not trying to fight this at the demand side? I think we can all agree its been a loosing battle trying to fight the people that run these operations, if the superbowl attracts a large amount of people that are willing to pay money for these services, seems like it would be better to address that rather than trying to nab the pimps and operators.

If you shut down the demand and environment, that solves the problem itself.


Ugh, it’s so easy to try and pretend this is a “foreign problem.” :frowning:

I never would have even thought of this, but I guess so. How awful.


Amen. It is heart breaking to think of these girls/women entrapped in such a horrible circumstance. May awareness grow to help spot these women and help them escape the terrifying life this must be.



Far from it. It’s modern slavery and it’s everywhere.


If this is so well known, why doesn’t the FBI descend on the Super Bowl location every year to break this up?


That’s my question. My other questions is, what are everyday people supposed to do about it. I can’t bust into a floating brothel and save enslaved women and children even if I were to become “aware” of one’s existance. How is “public awareness” supposed to save these people? This is law enforcement’s job and I would like to know why they aren’t doing it!


With due respect*, known by whom?

Twenty years ago the canard** was that Super Bowl Sunday had the highest incidence of domestic violence against women. It does not.

(* And with due horror and revulsion for both human trafficking and domestic violence)

(** The old-fashioned word for Fake News)



You beat me to the same comment. And I like how you updated the definition of “canard.”


So you’re saying it’s fake news.
Incredible. :cool:


The domestic violence and superbowl story was fake news.


The implication being…


That one should look at claims made in the press with a critical eye.




Because critical thinking requires it. Reporters are human, they can often be lazy, they often don’t fact check.

Do you have a problem with critical thinking?


And what is it about human trafficking that is fabricated?
Is that what you are saying? I can think of no other reason why the issue ‘fake news’ would come up.
In THIS of all issues.


Hey, everyone is on aboard to do all we can to stop it. We are creating awareness, training key people and making arrest, all prior to Sunday. Sure, more manpower would be welcome, but most arrests will come from tips.


Nobody has claimed it was fabricated. The poster asked about the source of the data. Nobody responded.

Is that what you are saying? I can think of no other reason why the issue ‘fake news’ would come up.
In THIS of all issues.

The fake news was in response to the domestic violence story from twenty years ago. That story really was fake news. Is it now wrong to call a fake story “fake news”?

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