Super Bowl Theology

No one expects the fan who doesn’t believe in prayer to suddenly change his mind about it at game time. What I find curious is the fan who believes that prayer is effectual, has a strong emotional stake in the outcome of a ball game, and refuses to pray for the outcome he thinks would be good. That’s a sign that he should examine — not abandon necessarily, but examine — whether he should even be desiring what he desires. So the eminently lucid Dominican friar Simon Tugwell argued in his classic Prayer in Practice (1974).

Tugwell recommends honesty. You may think that you should ask for world peace before you ask for Denver to win the Super Bowl, but don’t pretend to a more high-minded motivation for your prayers than you really possess. Jesus’ first public miracle was to replenish the wine supply at a wedding. It’s okay to feel the pressure of mundane wants and then to ask for help in satisfying them.

A fascinating subject. It might at first appear frivolous to ask whether we should pray for one team or another but consider, instead, prayers to win wars or make money in the stock market or to win an election. It’s an intersting question.

Who are you praying for this Sunday?

So should we take it that God answers the winning side’s prayers and not the other’s? :slight_smile: Unless the advancement of His kingdom is somehow involved-or the matter of righteousness in general, say, to win a just war against an oppressive antagonist-I’m sure God doesn’t hear prayers about wars, stock markets, elections-or our little games. But we’ll keep praying for that stuff anyway. :slight_smile:

As I write we’re finally getting rain in California after a virtual complete drought so far this winter. Today, Sunday, I’m praying it continues-we need much rain for most of February and March in order to catch up. Hey, I’m a farmer-can’t help but ask! :blush: I think the whole state may be starting to get religion over this-well, probably not. Anyway, my prayers should at least take priority over superbowl prayers. :rolleyes: whaddaya think?

I never pray for somebody to win a sporting event.

Rain is such a blessing today, grateful for every drop we get! Does not hurt to pray for rain or for your favorite team. I talk to God about everything in my life. Go Denver!!

I’m praying for the strength to stay up and watch the game! Over here in Ireland it comes on at 10:30 p.m. and goes off at 3:30 a.m.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :sleep: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The neo-theology of today’s world where everyone goes to heaven and prayer affects the outcome of sporting events. I’m glad that it seems most people don’t do such a thing, but I’m sure such a mentality exists.

There are more important things to pray for. Nothing worse than people blaming God because their favorite team lost.

I would certainly hope no one does that!! Anyone with a everyone goes to Heaven mentality is in for quite a surprise. Lord have mercy.

I tell The Lord I am hoping Denver wins, not like I say a Novena. :shrug:

I am pulling for the Seahawks (I was born in Seattle), but I think the only determining factor in Seattle’s win will be the number of times that Peyton Manning’s face is buried 6 inches into the dirt. GO HAWKS!!!

When Boston college plays Norte Dame, which team’s prayers are answered by God?:smiley:

Personally I dont follow sports, and think its boring to watch a bunch a millionaires chasing a ball around a field, but I realize alot of people like it for their own reasons. I will be watching something else though in a few hours.

My parents never watched sports, nor did either of my grandparents, so I never grew up in a household with sports being talked about, but my best friend grew up in a very sports minded household, so he likes to watch sports.

We get on each other all the time about it too, but as Ive told him, the big 3 sports atheltes do not appear to have any natural talent, seems to be just consistent practice that gets them to the professional level, so really any kid could go out and practice and eventually get pretty good at it…thats not really talent in my opinion, but its a touchy subject for many sports fans.

To each their own though.

Halftime. 22-0. Let’s pray for a closer game. Who wants to watch a blowout?

I’ll pray for your side if you pray for more rain.

Blow 'em out, 'Hawks!!!

Game was boring, runaways always are. Seahawks were unstoppable ! Manning needs to retire…too old. Half time was blah. But, the commercials were great! Lol :slight_smile:

As a fellow Northern California I know that feeling although we might as well pray that Angelenos stop filling up their pool and watering their lawns.

We’ll if God had a hand in it he was a Seahawks fan - God is not a Bronco fan obviously.

Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us.

But what about when the price of rain becomes mud slides. I was raised in the Nazarene church. We were taught to use the “not my will but thine” as a part of prayer. :shrug:

As long as God is not a Broncos fan - I’m fine with it.


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