Super large print Bible


I’ve been searching for a large print Bible for some time now, for my dyslexic 11-year old daughter. I need about a 20 font size, with space in between the lines and thicker pages, so that the words on the opposite side of the page do not bleed through. The closest I’ve found is a King James Version that comes in an 18 font, but I would prefer a better translation. A New Testament with Psalms would be ideal.

I was inspired to renew my search this because we recently visited the Carmel Mission in California and were able to see Father Serra’s missal. It was a huge book with very large print (maybe 40 point), and my daughter excitedly told me that it was just what she’s been looking for in a Bible.

Any ideas?


Have you tried a kindle device. I have a woman in my Bible study class who I showed my kindle to (she has to nearly put her face on the Bible to read it) and it has worked well for her. I also saw a four volume NRSV from Cambridge (on eBay) that had very large print.


How about this. Not the best translation, all may be missing a few books…
Looks like you can get it used.


Yeah that is the one. It is missing the deutrocanonical books, but what you are looking for is very limited.


These resources might help. While I understand the concern with the KJV, once attuned to it, modern translations just lose some of the beauty. There’s a reason it (and the D-R) have been around for 400 years and other translations seem to run their course within a decade!


Thank you very much. I did come across these, and the size would be perfect. While I personally enjoy the KJV, it would be very challenging for a child with reading and language difficulties to grasp.


This might work. Thank you!


She has tried a kindle, but would prefer a paper book. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into it.


I bought a Giant Print NAB from Pauline’s Bookstore but it’s nowhere near 40 font. You might ask them to see if they have options; when I need something and they don’t carry it, they usually offer to order it for me anyhow. Good luck and God Bless.


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