Super Soilders

Everyone loves Captain America but now it’s a reality and it’s kinda scary to think about.

Thoughts no this? Would this be considered immoral?

There have been attempts at this for over a century. I don’t know if it’s immoral but it could lead to some very damaging things for society.

Still, we are closer now than ever before and it’s a scary prospect. Military regimes would be a lot stronger and more viable. The army could take down civilian riots so much quicker and easier and oppress the population with ease. And there have been cases in the past where soldiers have gone crazy and gunned down villages for no reason and if in the future we had super soldiers doing this, it’d be a lot worse.

Also, since they are modifying genes and viruses to accomplish this, there is a chance that they could create some super-virus and cause a pandemic. It sounds far-fetched but when you’re playing God, anything can happen.

Exactly. It sounds cool if you put it into a perfect world context like a superhero movie good vs evil. But in the real world its not that black and white

Haven’t we enough to worry about without ideas from comic books?

ISIS is scary. Ebola is scary. Natural death is beyond scary.

Some kind of mechanized tyranny is too far off the edge for me to worry about. IMNAAHO.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

Such would be immoral.

DARPA is unknown to most people. I seriously doubt they would give anyone a look behind the scenes. Genetic modification using viruses? I seriously doubt that. Viruses are unstable and may cause disease. Other types of genetic modification/manipulation are being talked about and sound more credible but could they actually work? No one can say. Brain mapping is occurring. The research is solid but I really doubt that simple ideas and instructions would be transmitted over the internet. A military device of some type would be far more secure and unknown. This would not be telepathy at all. As far as feats involving great speed or heavy lifting, calories need to be burned. A lack of sleep may not be a problem for short missions, but long-term, I doubt it.

Exoskeletons are great. Japan led the way and the Americans and French are improving on that. Great for material handling, loading artillery shells and moving heavy objects in an emergency, they still need a power supply and are subject to mechanical failure, a land mine or grenade.

A more plausible scenario is that DARPA has found or funded a genetic modification method that can do useful things but the human body has limitations. Running really fast would mean if you trip, you really go flying. Looking at it another way, the human body is a highly integrated system. Messing around with one part may puts extra stress on other parts that simply can’t take it. How does your heart or lungs hold out from super-running? We don’t know.

Scary? Not at all.


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