Super Tue: Fox News projects: Trump wins primaries in Mich., Miss.; Clinton wins in Miss


Thought we needed a thread to discuss today’s voting :slight_smile:

Fox News projects: Trump wins primaries in Mich., Miss.; Clinton wins in Miss.

For specific primary results, pulled from

GOP Michigan (44% reporting)
[LEFT]37% Trump 21 delegates
26% Kasich 15 delegates
24% Cruz 12 delegates
09% Rubio 00 delegates[/LEFT]

GOP Mississippi (47% reporting)
[LEFT]50% Trump 20 delegates
35% Cruz 00 delegates
08% Kasich 00 delegates
05% Rubio 00 delegates[/LEFT]

DEM Michigan (44% reporting)
[LEFT]52% Sanders 0 delegates
47% Clinton 0 delegates[/LEFT]

DEM Mississippi (47% reporting)
[LEFT]83% Clinton 21 delegates
16% Sanders 0 delegates

No GOP results for Idaho or Hawaii yet.

Trump did a solid considering the negative attacks the past week.
Rubio pulling two fourth places, maybe time to withdraw?

Bernie is maintaining his momentum, yet still losing on delegates (where it matters).[/LEFT]


The only formidable lead in delegates Clinton has is the result of super-delegates who can change their position at any time between now and the convention. Bernie is currently only behind by 223 pledged delegates and it is still possible for him to narrow the gap or even defeat Clinton in the primary.


This is just me musing:

Why does Cruz win in all the caucuses (pretty much) and Trump win all the primaries?


I think its reflective of the differences in the process. One is reflective of what the party wants (caucuses) and the other is reflective of a popular vote (primaries).


The ‘establishment’ has much more control of a caucus. Usually the caucus events are not well advertised and are primarily attended by the ‘the usual suspects’, the diehard political activists. Your average Jill and Joe may vote regularly but have never been to a caucus type meeting to discuss the candidates. (my speculation)


One story is saying in Mississippi so far, it is Trump, Cruz, Kasich and next Carson. I don’t know where they got that from.


I’d hope people would know when their primary day is.

Caucases also offer the advantage of candidates or representatives of candidates talking to the people. So in a way, it seems a bit constitutional. It’s almost a mini-convention.

So, voting primaries do not have the establishment involved? Really?


I am glad Trump won Romney’s home state. I am surprised he won Mississippi.


There’s a nice chart of the results here.


Bernie wins Michigan


Idaho to Cruz.


Sanders winning in Michigan is a big upset.


So much for polling!


Yeah, that was WAY off for a primary state. It would even be bad for a caucus state.


A look at who Bernie won over in MI:


Clinton and Sanders won delegates in Michigan: Sanders won 65 and Clinton 58. The superdelegates will vote for Clinton if she needs them, but she hopes to not need them. Still, good to have. She will probably win FL, but Bernie could well win PA, OH, and MO, where the demographic is a lot like MI, though Ohio and PA are not nearly as economically depressed. Kasich did a lot to bring jobs and money to Ohio and Ohioans, so he has a good chance of taking that state away from either Trump or Cruz.


Well you guys are inching further to Madness …

The Collateral damage could be breathtaking


Way to go Bernie! I bet Hillary is shocked about this race!


Again, you are about 8 years too late on that one. Why people think Trump or Clinton is somehow a bridge to far after the two-term morale killer-in-chief we’ve had since 2008 is beyond me.


What went wrong for Hillary Clinton in Michigan?

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