Super-yacht not big enough? 'Seasteads' offer libertarians the vision of floating cities for the future


For (very) wealthy libertarians, seasteads – floating cities – might be the way forward, with their ambition of ‘guaranteeing political freedom and enabling experimentation with alternative social systems’


Some pretty interesting, and large design concepts.


I wonder what our Holy Father would have to say about what these wealthy individuals are seeking to do.


It might be fun until some wacko Iranian or North Korean submarine captain decided to put a spread of torpedoes into it-or even threatens to do it for a fat payday. Then the very wealthy libertarians would want the protection of a traditional nation’s navy.


If not under the protection of an established nation, such a floating city would be ripe for infiltration by organized crime or some rebel militia. The possibility of such a base is why the countries of the south Pacific did not allow the libertarian Republic of Minerva to last.


Or worse, you get attacked German megalomaniac (we’ll call him Karl Stromberg) with webbed-toes who seeks to eliminate all land-borne life In favor of repopulating the earth from the safety of his underwater submersible fortress (we’ll call it Atlantis).


Great. NOW you tell me.:mad: AFTER my wife already did her Christmas shopping for me. You could have posted this earlier, and I could have possibly gotten one of these, instead of that pair of slippers…


The moment when pirates raid, ransom, and kill these silly people will be a stunningly clear example of the issues with the libertarian world view.


Or perhaps the libertarians will shoot them since they will have relatively few gun restrictions and then hopefully hang any prisoners after a trial for piracy. :cool:


This already exists. But it’s mostly for college kids on spring break… It’s called lake havasu… They tie their boats together to make a party barge… And I assure you, it’s quite lawless!


I am not sure there is much they are doing that is against Church teaching. After all, they have to earn their income from someplace, unless they are living off fish, and the income will be taxed where it is earned. Also they will have to import most of their consumption, so they will also have to pay sales taxes in the place where they buy the stuff.


I’d love to live on one of these; but what happens when the splicers come for my ADAM and the Big Daddies run amok? :smiley:


[quote=Geist] I’d love to live on one of these; but what happens when the splicers come for my ADAM and the Big Daddies run amok?

Save often, and leave plenty of waypoints for automatic health regen.

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Also, keep plenty of plasmids on hand.

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I imagine the occupants will be pretty heavily armed.


This seems really interesting but I wonder what kind of effect this would have on the ecosystem?


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