Superbad is Superpeverted

I just saw this movie with a friend and could not believe how vulgar it was. The sexual overtones were dramatic, blunt and peverse and I didn’t really find it all that funny to watch two kids who were literally sex addicts try to get into girl’s pants.
I know a lot of our media and movies treat sex with disrespect, but movies like 40 Year Old Virgin don’t even hold a candle to this movie.

I felt the same way after watching “Knocked Up”. There were some legitimately funny moments, but it was like watching a standup comic do his schtick in the sewer.

Superbad is rated R for crude and sexual content, language, drinking, drug use and a fantasy/comic violent images. What part of this brief warning led you to believe the movie wouldn’t be vulgar?

To save yourself unnecessary grief, research films before seeing them:

The film in question:

The summary: “Unceasing rough, crude and crass language, premarital sexual activity, much sexual humor and innuendo much of it coarse, porn imagery, underage drinking, drug use, a scene with disturbing violence. O – morally offensive.

– Mark L. Chance.

40 year old virgin surprised me. I had no intention of ever watching the movie, but someone gave me their copy and asked if I wanted to see it. I figured since it was free, “what the heck”. I’m strong enough to turn off a movie if it offends me. I’ve walked out of theaters before…not often, but I have.

I heard Knocked Up was horrible, and the language offended someone that had been in the military (or married to someone in the military and used the “language/humor” of military types).

I had no plans on seeing either Knocked Up or Superbad. Superbad looked pretty awful to me.

(I still don’t know how I made it through the American Pie movies. They were pretty disgusting.)


Just got back from seeing this. The previews made it look funny and I thought maybe it would be something like Napolean Dynamite. Today some of my family and I decided to go see this. We took 4 kids under 11 years old. This movie was beyond ridiculous and stupid. I HATED it. If I wasn’t with my family I would have walked out.

Rated R and you took 4 kids under 11? Yikes.

Well it wasn’t me who took them. My sister invited me last minute. She didn’t pay attention to the rating. I know they enjoyed it though… which isn’t good.

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