SUPERHEROES, the documentary

Has anyone seen this? We found this OnDemand. It’s under “Save” on Netflix.

This is doc is essentially an overview of some folks who are “real-life superheroes.” Very interesting.


I just saw this, I really liked it. I like documentaries where the subjects are free to just speak for themselves. Another similar documentary was Darkon, which is my favorite documentary film so far. Both films are similar in that they are like psychological analyses of the people partaking in these activities while telling the story of their lives, but Darkon didn’t have any professional psychologists in it. But Superheroes also got me thinking about how so many people really do need the kind of charitable help these real-life superheroes provide, like getting them toiletries or just someone to talk to. All in all, a very good film. :thumbsup:

I haven’t seen the documentary…sounds interesting…an interesting book I’ve ordered is “Our Gods Wear Spandex”. Seems to be in the same vein.

My mother-in-law showed my wife and I this documentary. It was very good. While what they do can be extremely dangerous (the guy that confronted the drug dealer in the park), some of their acts are much needed in the community. The husband and wife that use their own money to buy toiletries for homeless. The team that went out to Comic-Con and was handing out water and food to the homeless.

I will say, though, the team in New York seemed a bit on the verge of becoming Super Villains. Using baiting tactics to hopefully catch a criminal and talking about having to be subdued before going to far with regards to violence toward a perp.

I really didn’t like how the docu glossed over what happened to Kitty Genovese and all those witnesses who did nothing. And I really didn’t like how they’re ripping on the N.Y.P.D. and essentially glamorizing vigilantism. Really offensive to anyone who is in, or has friends or family in, military or/and law enforcement: *“No offense to you guys, but we’d be rather be served and protected by grown men running around in tights.” * Really? :smiley:

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