Superior of the FSSP interview - "153 application requests from Jan - Mar 2007"

Here is an awesome interview with the Superior General of the FSSP. He said that the FSSP received 153 application requests during the first 3 months of 2007!

The rest is an excellent interview…15-fr-berg.htm

I predict that with the Tridentine or the “extraordinary” celebration of the Mass becoming more common we will see an increase in vocations to the priesthood.
I love the FSSP and support them. Sounds like they might need some strong financial support to educate an influx of seminarians.

Sounds like they need another seminary…:smiley:

Yep, let’s start writing them some checks!

Well then, go their website and support the building of their new seminary.

Hehe they should have their new Seminary in the Southern Cross region.

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