Superman Returns-Christian Message?

apologize if this has already been posted-I’m new here…:wink:

I saw Superman Returns over the weekend and I have to say that the Christian imagery was overpowering! Superman’s “real” father sends him to Earth because even though the people aren’t perfect, they have good in them, they have potential that is “worth saving”. There is a struggle in Lois Lane as to whether the world needs Superman, similar to the conflict of the real world as to whether or not it needs a savior.

The scene that affected me the most was where Superman takes Lois flying far above the earth and he says to her: “What do you hear?” And she says “nothing” and he replies: “I hear everything”. It was such a reminder of Jesus hearing all of us calling out to him in our need and how we often don’t hear each other’s cries for help because we’re so self absorbed.

Anyone else catch this?

Yes I did notice those lines. It is very interesting how that movie has many links to christianity. The two of my favorite parts which emphasize this are the cool airplane scene and the “New Krypton” scene. In the airplane scene we see this lady giving the demonstration to the journalist and when the malfunction occurs you can see her putting her hands together in prayer. The next is when Superman lifts “New Krypton” (Lois named this in the deleted scenes) and you can understand that Superman carries the weight of the world in his hands from this big disaster.

Very interesting! I am glad you saw those references to christianity. Another question would be interesting to find out is was this the intention of the movie?

God Bless!

What about Superman getting Lois pregnant and then leaving the planet? :rolleyes:

What about Superman trying to steal Lois from her husband or boyfriend or whatever? :rolleyes:

However, I have also heard some of the things you mentioned and I did sense some of the Christian “theme” as well. At least until I looked at some of the posts at IDMB about the movie and storyline.

Guess my glass is just half full…

Typical male behavior or teenage boy’s fantasy?
“Sorry, gotta go, too much kryptonite around here.”

But, he did return!

Now, will he pay child support?

The frightening part is that Superman *is *a recreation of the Christ narrative (you are right about that), though we’ve remodeled Christ in that narrative by making him the action-hero messiah - the role that Jews expected when they anticipated the messiah, and the role which Christ rebuked Peter for promoting. He chose not to fight but to die; our Superman messiah (virtually) cannot die, and is unsurpassed in his ability and willingness to *fight *evil. The question is: why do we retell the Christ story, changing such a morally important detail?

Um, because it’s a lot more entertaining if Jesus is a super-powered alien.

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