Supermodel mocks virginity

I guess she asks every single bride if she’s a virgin to make such claim !

That’s what I call hard fact !

Sad that she could make such a false assumption. They (the Hollywood world) just think that “everyone’s doing it”

I pray that some girls come forward and prove her wrong in her statement!

I think it will be hard to refute her.

I’ve seen claims from Catholic periodicals that 95% of the couples in the Pre-Cana classes have already had sex.

I’ve seen claims almost as high from the evangelical Protestants pre-marriage counselling classes.

Not sure about the Mainlines, Pentecostal, Fundamentalist, or non-denominational groups of Protestants. They may not have tried a survey.


“Today there is no woman who is a virgin when she marries,”

Even the 5% would make this statement false.

I’ll prove her wrong!

I’m a New England Patriot’s fan and used to love Tom Brady but now he’s gotten one girlfriend pregnant outside of marriage (the actress Bridget Moynahan) and is dating this “brilliant” supermodel - let’s just say I’ve lost some respect for the guy and can’t possibly take his current girlfriend seriously. Sadly, Brady’s father is a devout Catholic and was even considering the priesthood at one point.

:wave: raising hand I was a virgin when I married. I think I’ll find out where she lives and show up on her doorstep. Just because everyone else is doing is doesn’t make it right.

Gisele might be interested to know that a fellow Brazilian model, Adriana Lima, a devout Catholic who models for Victoria’s Secret(like Gisesle} has proclaimed to be a virgin and intends to stay that way until marriage. I would be surprised if Gisele doesn’t know her. I was really angry with Gisele but I keep telling myself that she needs prayers. It is probably the situation in her own life of not being able to live up to the ideal that has led her to say these things.

Are you kidding me!!?? What is a devout Catholic virgin doing modeling for VS? I know who she is and it seems that she is no stranger to sex. I think, perhaps, she is causing a scandal.

Me, too! We should go together, Stratus! I speak a little Portuguese… Now, when are you free to go to Brazil? My calendar’s pretty clear. Well, except January, I plan on giving birth. :smiley:

I agree that she has a very sexy look to her, but she proclaims her virginity and wears a brown scapular. I don’t know why she models for Victoria’s Secret, but hats off to her for maintaining her virginity. I’d rather see someone like her who stands against abortion and promiscuity, rather than Gisele who is setting a very poor example for young girls. I am a little confused by the sexy pics, though. Everyone is in a different spot on their spiritual journey. My point was is that Gisele said “Show me a virgin.”, as if there are none. She models with one.

Devout Catholic !!??

You know she posed nude !

No devout Catholic should be doing Victoria Secret, period !

I don’t think the model meant for her comment to be taken literally. I think it was meant to refer to the majority of society and that waiting for marriage is outdated and bizarre. It was a sarcastic dig rather than a true comment for the comment’s sake.

I think she represents what the majority of people think and that is you must be ugly or emotionally off to be a virgin of a certain age or a virgin at marriage. Let’s face it, the world’s gone down the toilet.

Since we are on the subject, there are plenty of virgins out there and I can name a few myself.

hats off to adriana lima. of course i’d prefer that she models real clothes. she looks good in them, than modelling in lingerie.

Another Brazilian virgin comes out. Courtesy of the gutsy Jill Stanek:

Brazilian soccer star: I married as a virgin

In an interview for the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, the soccer idol known by the single name Kaka said that he and his wife Caroline had waited until they were married, and “that time was important, as it tested our love.” . . .]

Kaka, a hero of the AC Milan team that won this year’s Champions League competition, told Vanity Fair: “The Bible teaches that true love waits until marriage…If our life today is so beautiful, I think it is because we waited.”

FWIW, I was also a virgin when I got married.

The truth is most people screw up and are sinners. I think many people are not virgins anymore but regret it and then go on to become chaste Catholics after the sacrament of Reconcilliation. Then there still of course is the so called 5%, if that really is all it is of us who are still virgins.

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