Supernatural: Catholic and Non-Catholic

Lets Post stories about the Supernatural from Catholic and Non-Catholics this can be about Saints, Angels and Demons.Also this can be about Mystics, Miracles and Supernatural pictures.

I have often found this to be an interesting subject. When one person experiences the supernatural, it is often called hallucination. When a handful of people subscribe to something supernatural, it is usually called a cult. When a lot of people subscribe to something supernatural it is often called a religion.

I actually saw those two images in a Spanish ghost hunting show. It was well done.

Subjects like this fascinate me, but here’s my thing…in many, not all perhaps, but in many cases, wouldn’t it be easy just to touch up the film or photo to make it look like there is something super natural in the picture?

Not trying to poo poo the thread…it’s just something I’ve always wondered about.

Take these shows on TV, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Stalkers, etc. It’s just to easy to tape it, then go back and add noises and ghostly apparitions…or is it?

While I do not have photos I have seen many demons but I have been blessed with many visions from God, Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

I’m sorry to say it but those photos above mean nothing to the general viewing public.

Touching up photos etc is a commonplace nowadays, I even have an app on my phone that can nicely place a ghostly figure in any of my photos :slight_smile:

If YOU experience the supernatural then that is God speaking to you and to you only. If He wanted to speak to a million people, who would not need you to take a photo and release it, He would provide the supernatural event to all those He wanted to know about it.

So in that light, here’s a story as requested by the OP:

"When the Blessed Perfection (Baha’u’llah) dismounted and went inside the Mansion, we walked toward the building in order to circumambulate. But when we came a little closer we saw to our amazement that the footpaths around the walls of the Mansion were packed with people, who were standing. Crowds had assembled around the four sides of the Mansion and we could hear their murmuring as well as their breathing. Of course we knew that no one had come from 'Akká to circumambulate the Mansion, and we two had gone there without permission. Anyhow, since there was no room to walk on the footpath we stepped back, and at a distance of about thirty steps from the Mansion we circumambulated. To do this we had to walk in some wheatfields and, as it happened, the ground had been recently watered, so we had to walk through muddy fields. As we circled the Mansion we could sense the presence of the multitude on the four sides of the building at some distance from us. In the end we prostrated ourselves on the ground opposite the Gate of the Mansion, and returned to 'Akká. On the way back heavy rain poured down on us, and just as we arrived at the gate of 'Akká, the guards were about to close it. Normally they used to close the gate every night four hours after sunset.

When we arrived home, Nabíl suggested that we ought not to sleep that night and instead keep vigil.* He said to me, 'I will compose poems and you make tea.' I made tea several times during the night and Nabíl was engaged in writing poetry. He was a gifted poet, he used to compose extemporaneously. By the morning, he had produced poems written on both sides of a large sheet of paper. We sent a copy of his poems, together with two sugar cones, to the Blessed Beauty. (Baha'u'llah)

His poems were mainly about history, the history of Bahá’u’lláh’s imprisonment, His banishment to Baghdád, Istanbul, Adrianople and 'Akká, the sufferings He had endured in the barracks, the story of the building of the Mansion by 'Údí Khammár, and 'Abdu’l-Bahá renting it to serve as a residence for the Blessed Perfection.

He then described the events of the evening Bahá'u'lláh went to the Mansion, and how we both followed Him, the account of our circumambulation **when we saw the souls of all the Prophets and Messengers and the Concourse on high assembled outside the Mansion, circumambulating the throne of their Lord.**"


Well the Devil could have easily produced those images to these people.:slight_smile:

Do you have any examples of supernatural events representing love that were produced by the Devil?


Angels are Love, and the Devil can appear as a Angel.

Do you have a photo of this at all?


Our Lady of Zeitun

Our Lady of Zeitun

So how do you know this is the Devil?


Do Angels become violent when bringing a message from God.
Or have them to tell lies?

The Virgin Mary Apparition 1968-70 in Zeitoun, Egypt

Padre Pio

This picture of Our Lady was drawn by a mystic in Italy. Her hand was guided by Our Lady.

There is a special blessing given each day to the person who carries it and another blessing given each time one looks at it with love.

Which Angels were violent???

I’m really not sure what you guys are trying to convey?


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