Supernatural Love, Natural Brain?

If someone loves supernaturally, but all physcial actions they complete are doing are by a selfish brain, then how can one not sin in the every action they do or love? This bothers me, in the past Iv had some reasons to think otherwise and the reserach on the brain is fairly incomplete. I guess im really wondering is how does supernatural love translste in our world (also arent we suppose to rejct the world, and what the world being fallen). How is something natural part of something supernatrual or have something supernatural effects din this way? How does love go into someones heart, then have a mind act on it? What about the means I take to the end, are they apart of that love, of the action, or contain some meaning? I posted a similar question a while ago, but it was a bit of a mess and touched on a few differnt issues so i thought i would mostly talk about 1/2 or try to simplify a bit

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We have natural impulses that come from our brains and the rest of our bodies. These are not inherently bad. They are part of our biological nature. We are body-soul composites. If you “fall in love” (romantically) with someone, that entails a series of hormonal interactions and brain states. These are not opposed to the spiritual, since we are also biological. However, spiritually and objectively, love is not a feeling but to will the good of the other for his own sake.

We can truly love others because we are not merely physical, biological beings, but spiritual, ensouled beings. Using our powers of reasoning and consciousness we can check whether we are being truly loving or whether we are being purely selfish.

I wouldn’t try to separate love into natural and supernatural parts. The different aspects of love need not be in opposition, but with God’s grace and our cooperation they can be in harmony. You have (and give, and show, and live) one whole love. It is human, and therefore imperfect, but even so, it is beautiful and necessary.

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That I understand, I dont underetand how we can act on a supernatrual love or how supernatural love is expressed without a selfish chemichal action of the brain. I alos wonder if we should supress emotions considering the selifsh implications.

For example if I supernatrally loving, see something kind I can do for someone, or something kind or can say to them or even something I could do to help this person, even if I supress emotion, even if that help/kindness provides no benifit for me and I surpress any thought of a benifit or any “feel good” emotions and rejct notions of its benifit to myself or go against my own wishes when helping them or when trying to do somthing kind, unbegrudignly but in love, etc. even under those conditions, though perhapse its unselfish in my soul, and the main proponents of the selfishness are not in my brain, how does the brain not produce some sort of selfish chemichal reaction, even to move my legs or arm or even subconciously to breathe?

TFBrain, you don’t have to act contrary to your healthy human nature to want and to give affection. You don’t have to suppress your biological nature. It’s there for a reason. True, we believe that our human nature has been distorted by the fall, but not that it has been eradicated. So, there is good there.

If you get good feelings when you do good things, well then that’s just your body responding as it was meant to do. I think you may be going in the direction of scrupulosity if you question every thing your body/brain does. The Church does not say that one must not physically enjoy marital relations, for instance, to truly love your wife or husband. Those are not opposed to one another. And yet there are lots of chemicals and brain states involved in said activity.

This separation between body and soul is not how Catholics should approach spirituality, including love. We are meant to have and enjoy both. Of course, it is the soul which should be master of the body. But the body is an integral part of us and is intimately tied with the soul.

Id like to think you can supermaturally love your spouse and others. The question is kind of about the meaning of acts how can acts be meaningful if they’re always sinful if they are indeed, can we do a purely good act? Though it was partly to ask about avoiding sin.

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