Supernatural phenomenon in Anglican churches or other protestant circles

Just out of curiosity, have any of you ever heard of Eucharistic miracles or exorcisms, Marian apparitions or other supernatural phenomena in the Anglican Communion anywhere? I’d love to hear about them…

My Bishop when I was an Episcopalian visited Africa and experienced a miraculous healing when he prayed over a Deacon there who had (IIRC) severe ulcers in his mouth.

I’m normally very skeptical of things like that (actually, so was the Bishop and the Deacon!!), but he’s an honest and Godly man, and I don’t doubt his word on the matter.

Also, parishoner at my old parish (a well respected local physician) verified another miraculous healing (cancer).

I don’t recall ever hearing about bleeding statues, hosts, etc. nor apparitions (although one woman at my parish with a strong Marian devotion had multiple visions of the Blessed Virgin).

I have read some conversion stories of athiests who sought to enter a Christian church who had demonic afflictions and apparitions, I think. Would have to do a search if you really wanted to read more. :smiley:

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