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I’m a woman and I have a spiritual director who is the priest of Opus Dei. Now I’m planning and of course i’m hearing a call from God to be a supernumerary member. I told about this with one supernumerary member and she found this to be very great. Me too. Only one thing disturbed and saddened me very much. She said that the OD priest can not be anymore my spiritual director and he can be only my confessor and my sd will be one of a woman of numerary members. Is it true? I feel so sad about that and I will of course ask to my priest if it is true. But for now, may be you can answer…

Count yourself lucky to have any spiritual director. Every priest in this town and the next say they are too busy to be spiritual directors for anyone. There is one who was willing but he was a pervert who insisted on hugging me close for a long time the two times I met with him so I stopped seeing him.

I will pray for Montse Grases to intercede for you. If you feel attracted to that way of life, I would suggest you seek her intercession for yourself.

The concept of numerary-counseling-numerary is not new. The Moravians adapted this – the married women counseled the married women, etc. You can still have the SD as confessor, which is where he needs to be in your life, but he can only partially fathom what you’re going through as a numerary. Only another numerary can sympathize with that.


Thenk you Cloisters for your answer although
it does not make me happy at all… I really thought that supernumerary status won’t take away the conversations with my priest, but will give me some special spiritual direction from the numerary member, because she is only lay person… I will miss my priest very much if I only can talk with him during the confession. I don’t know… this statement sadden very, very much.

In that case, I would advise prudence, and seeking the answer from Opus Dei itself. I know of the organization, and how maligned they have been, and can sympathize, but I don’t really know of anyone who belongs to it here locally. I have heard that there is a woman in another town closeby who belongs, but I don’t know what vocation she has with them.

I’m sure you can still have conversations with the priest, but where supernumerary living is concerned, you’ll be referred to another supernumerary.


I feel very happy: I can still have conversations with my priest! I asked.
Thank you Cloisters!

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