SuperStart -- Acceptbale for Catholic Preteens or Not?


I was recently asked about a protestant pre-teen program called “SuperStart.” I had never heard of it before. Their website is here: .

Has anyone had experience with this program either directly, through your own children, or through children that you know? Is there anything in it that would contradict the faith or confuse a Catholic preteen? Or is it mostly just the basic emphasis on Jesus Christ and the Bible (analogous to a vacation bible school)?


Not sure why this is posted on non-catholic part of this forum, but I am assuming that you want my opinion since you are here.

It might be a good place but it most likely will not be a bad place. This place may be an awesome place that encourages different beliefs. I doubt that they will be getting into complex theology.

Never heard of it but I would be careful. They will most likely claim that “we just teach Bible principles” and everyone is welcome. Without even knowing or intending to teach your child something out of line with the Catholic faith it will happen. Maybe they will have all of the kids ask Jesus to come into their heart. What could be wrong with that? Nothing, until they then tell them that they have been saved that day.

I wouldn’t allow my child to go unless I was there with them.

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