Is anyone on here even a little supersticious?? I Worked with a lady who was extremley superstisious, If she spilled salt she would put salt into her right hand and throw it over her left shoulder. I asked her why she did this and she said that it is bad luck to spill salt and by throwing it over the left shoulder she was putting the salt into the devils eyes to rid her of the ill luck. My grandmother beleived it was bad luck to have a haircut or trim nails on a sunday. The number 13 is also considered to some as ill luck. What about breaking a mirror do we really have to beleive this is bad luck? Does anyone else on here know of anyone who beleives in superstition?:confused:


My Mother was half Italian. She had many superstitions and I grew up with them. Some of them I have passed on to my Daughter:blush: because, well they have always been a part of my life. The common sense side of me says, that’s silly, but there’s always the what if!? The Catholic in me says, nonsense, don’t believe that stuff, but I was raised like that & habits are hard to break! Definately spilling salt or knocking over the salt shaker, we throw it over our shoulder. I see Rachel Ray doing that everytime she uses salt, but we only did it if it was spilled. If we had a new pair of shoes, never take the box out of the shopping bag and set them on the table…I mean NEVER, that was bad luck . A bird on your actual windowsill meant that someone you knew was going to die. When walking on the sidewalk next to, say my Mom or sister & a lightpole or whatever was going to go between us, my Mom would pull one of us over to the other side so as not to be split up by the pole. That was bad luck, too:shrug:. Of course never walk under a ladder, that was a given;)! Black cats, were bad luck as well as never tell your dream/nightmares before breakfast, as that was also bad luck & they might come true! Another given was breaking a mirror was definately seven years of bad luck. That’s the one’s off the top of my head, I’m sure if I think about it, I can come up with some more.


My Irish, devout Catholic great grandmother was very superstitious about Cats. She would never let a cat around a baby, thought that they would steal the child’s breath, you name it. She thought cats were henious. She was a great Catholic who did many things for the state diocesan!
I find myself being a bit superstitious-no umbrellas open in the house, stuff like that. When I’m playing sports (like Karate) I try to do certian things before a match, like pray of course, and put on my gi in the same way. Stuff like that.


Well, if that was true, I would not be able to count the dead bodies!!! When I was a child, my mother used to put bread crumbs on the kitchen windowsill, particularly in the winter. Frequently there would be a number of birds on the actual windowsill eating eagerly. One robin redbreast was a daily visitor. Whenever he arrived and my mother had not yet put out the crumbs, he would tap on the window with his beak to get her attention!

There would probably have been hundreds of people we knew dying every year!!!

Most superstitions are so very silly. Not walking under a ladder is sensible, though - perhaps the ladder would not fall on you, but it could happen that the person up the ladder might drop a tool, or a can of paint on top of you!


Rascalking, there may be some truth behind the cat superstition as it is not unknown for a cat to curl up in a baby’s cradle/crib and there would be danger of suffocation for the baby.


Yeah what is up with superstition? Is there like a history of superstition anywhere in the Bible??? Or anything talkeda bout anywhere about it? I grew up with all my friends’ being superstitious, ended up passing it on to me, but I never liked it! I remember one time I accidentally broke a mirror, everyone and their mother said 7 years bad luck…after a while of certain things happening to me I started to believe in it… but then things didn’t change after the 7 years and still negative things kept happening, I was like OK that was just bs this must be something else you know?! Of course as I have grown up and matured and learned from experiences I have come to the conclusion my “bad luck” was just what came from the wrong choices I made as I was growing up…I was ignorant to most of GOD’s laws and rules and teachings so I never knew what was really right and wrong, I knew about the Commandments but nothing more about what it really meant to follow through and not to disobey…Not brought up with strong Catholic teachings even though I am a practicing Catholic…

I think superstitions are just caused to justify “bad luck” or a bad episode or a bad year…or decade…Nothing more…Just another form for people to feel there’s some kind of explanation to something…without really considering where it comes from and the real why you know?! But that’s just my thoughts…


I think superstition is our mind’s way of making sense of a chaotic world. It is a very primitive thing, I think.
Also, I can see superstition as a way to relieve anxiety and feel "in control."
With God, there really is no room for superstition because we have Jesus and he is in control. I think some “superstitions” are not so bad, such as that it is bad luck to for a bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. I think that is actually a cute practice that builds anticipation. Superstition is only an issue when you feel that the rule overrides God’s power.


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