can superstition lead to being open to demonic forces, but not like superstition in energies and stuff, but more like mistakes when praying. like not fully conciously believing like the words in the prayers has some sort of power, and stuff like that.

and if so what should one do after doing that?

I’d mention it at your next confession. The priest should be able to help you discern whether or not you sinned, and whether any further action beyond the sacrament of Penance is needed.

I initially had a fairly long post, but on second thought I think a fairly short one will suffice:


I think this question demonstrates that you are overly concerned about the demonic, and I would suggest talking to a priest not so much about how to avoid demons, but about how to develop the sort of trust in God that will help you stop worrying about this sort of thing.

What you just asked, more or less and as far as I can tell (I actually came up with 4 ways of interpreting your post, but since all of them were “praying” and none of them were “explicitly attempting to contact spirits” or similar, the answer is still “NO.”), is this - “I am honestly trying to follow God, but am worried that I may not be perfect at it yet, does this give demons abnormal power over me?” To which, of course, the answer is: No.

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