Superstitious Ramifications


Can we have a chat about all the stuff that’s going on in the world at the moment? I mean, it seems some people are turning away from the Church straight into the arms of superstitious belief and cultism. From this guy who thinks ***he is ***Jesus, to Richard Dawkins claims that atheism is discriminated against in the USA we are increasingly seeing a growth in superstition and people looking for spiritual answers away from organised religion.

Why? Things like the child abuse scandal, Christians fighting among themselves, Christians setting a bad example of how to live- the media always seems to focus in on the scandal and hypocrisy.

What about wicca, the occult and tarot- stuff like that?

Now I’ve read Father Amorth’s excellent books and understand the dangers…But to what extent do such warning apply to the uninitiated and the unbeliever? What are the repercussions for someone interested in tarot for example? Are there real implications? Anyone got any stories or opinions?


look for an author named kurt koch, he is a liberal, but the stories will curl your hair.


Dont underestimate the media in this or Hollywood. Religion is protrayed as over the top, Preachers are always grabbing money, Catholics are always at odds with the church or off on scary demon chasing, or that stigmata thing. Blessing houses and making ghosts angry. All making us protestant, catholic both look bad and dragging God down too.

These things eat away at the mind. Keep people wondering, just a little off. Then tell them its arrogant to think that God is the only one, we should not be so exclusive. chip chip chip.

I have a friend whos so weak buts getting better with psychics. Cant get away from them, like I said its better, then she tells me she is having a fung shei expert over to help her organize. ARGH, same thing different packaging. satan never lets up, like the wolf, waiting.


My youngest, 18, believes her ‘horoscopes’. Aaaaargh!!!

Whenever she goes out I sprinkle her room, clothes, shoes & bed with Holy Water and say a prayer for her protection, especially whenever she comes into content with anything the water has dried on. I also have a St Benedict’s medal hidden in her room.

I started doing this after she began to really rant against God, in general, and the Catholic faith in particular. It has me wondering what else she has been involved in.


I have read his book while ministering to a person finding herself possessed…and you are right, it can make your head curl…


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