Superyacht that Australian Sinead McNamara died on leaves Greek island port


I certainly don’t approve of some of the pictures on instagram I have seen of this poor young lady. Something tragic happened. It is a mystery as of now and her family went out to Greece.


Instagram model “working” on a billionaire’s yacht. That seems legit.


What’s your point?

It would be so much easier to communicate with you if you’d just come out and say what’s on your mind, rather that just dropping hints and making insinuations.


Read other articles too, the billionaire owner is from Mexico. We just need to know what happened. Very tragic, only 20 years old and no, I don’t think she should have been near that ship.


It is typically a super rich Arab thing, but it is not uncommon for the ultra-wealthy to invite so-called Instagram models for outings with strings attached.


I have no idea why you would single rich Arabs out. It seems more a practice of very wealthy men in general (I’m thinking Silvio Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga parties).


First time I heard about Instagram models being used Arabs with too much oil money and not enough to spend it on. To be fair though, no reason why it should be restricted only to them.


She liked to publish photos of herself in a bikini = instagram model.

Working crew on a boat means you get to travel for free, a good gig if you can get it.

I read she was depressed over a breakup and committed suicide.


Yeah, it doesn’t seem too “mysterious” to me.

The woman had a job on the ship as part of the crew. The rich owners had not been on the yacht for days when this happened, and the crew were the only ones on the ship.

She was reported to have had a bad breakup and her job was due to come to an end. Her cause of death was hanging. It unfortunately sounds to me like she was depressed and committed suicide.

Her family was due to go out to Greece anyway because they were going to meet her there for a holiday.

it’s very tragic, but nothing that odd for a 20-year-old woman, sadly.


I never heard of this young woman.

Prayers for her and for her family.


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