Suport a Future Seminarian in LA


Does anyone know of organizations or really rich catholics that would be willing to pay for the schooling of a future seminarian in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles {please dont stone me to death}

I have been looking to go to St. Thomas Aquinas College in CA {One of the best traditional and orthodox catholic colleges in the Contry} offering the Extrodinary Form everyday and provides great classical education, but its 40 k a year, and I dont qualify for finatial aid and cant have any debt before entering seminary.

If anyone could help me out let me know.

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Perhaps you can look into something like Juan Diego House. It’s a house of formation for college-aged men in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. It would give you the opportunity to go to college while having the chance to pray together, provide service to the Church and community, etc.

I looked into it and they usually have the men attend Domingez Hills and im not too excited about being taught by Athiests. :frowning:

Your high school guidance counselor should be able to help you find educational grants to apply for. You might also try googling the Serra Club, a group promoting vocations to the priesthood. And please, when you ask for aid, spell it correctly. It’s FINANCIAL.


:cool: Financial

A full-time USPS mailman can earn about $42,000/year. I knew a Priest, that back in the day took a job as a mailman for a few weeks and was able to pay his whole Seminary schooling fees. It’s great exercise physically and in patience.

Doesn’t the archdiocese help out with tuition, etc.? Just curious.

The OP is looking for an undergraduate education. I don’t know that the archdiocese would pay for that, especially at a school that costs $40K a year. A degree from a public school would be much more affordable.

Oh. That’s interesting. Does the archdiocese require an undergraduate degree before sending them to seminary? I know it used to be they would send a young man out of high school. And when I was young, there was the minor seminary where junior high and high schoolers would go. But I think they’ve pretty well done away with most, if not all, of those.

Juan Diego House that I mentioned above is for men who are pursuing undergrad degrees. I don’t know how much financial support the archdiocese gives them.

It does take a great deal of self-sacrifice, but the Archdiocese does have college seminarians. They’ll send you to a college seminary to complete an undergraduate degree, they choose though, and it probably won’t be your first choice. Visit the vocations director, see if you can apply for the seminary, I promise, the director will point out the way you need to go. I doubt they’ll pay for undergraduate fees, so you will have to work a bit and find scholarships to keep you going. The knights of columbus have a program, it helps, but won’t cure it all.

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Yes, at least at present moment a degree is nedded in LA.

Although, if you end up discerning that you are called to a Religious order, they may pay for your Priest education.


Seminary pays for seminarians, its college im woried about

There are very few, if any, religious orders that will accept a man pursuing a vocation to the religious priesthood who will pay for undergraduate studies. Most require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite if one wishes to pursue the priesthood.

To the OP: you can always consider the diocese of Bridgeport, CT :wink: hehe, I’m an undergraduate seminarian, and it’s part of our program. I don’t know if you have your heart set on LA, but there are other dioceses that will take you as a college seminarian, like ours does. Also, I would reconsider the Juan Diego house that was suggested to you. Even if the college isn’t ideal, the chance to live with priests and seminarians, to pray and grow with them, is invaluable. You will be taking very little theology as an undergrad anyway, it’s mostly philosophy.

Just some food for thought. God bless you in your discernment, may He flood you with His grace and love in this wonderful time of discernment :slight_smile: Thank you for saying yes to Him.

In the love of Christ and Mary,

I don’t know about future seminarians, but the Knights of Columbus give money to some of the guys in seminary with me. I imagine they may extend similar help to young Catholic men going to college.


 That's a great point you made there!  Some dioceses are definitely better than others through which to enter the seminary.  They do expect you to serve in that diocese, though, once you're ordained.  But that's okay.  Go wherever God sends you. :)


I believe that the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) take care of your Priest education.

The Major Seminary will require an undergraduate degree. This can be done at a Minor (College) Seminary.

What you call a minor seminary is known as a High School seminary now.

Many dioceses will not help out with the undergraduate degree. Some do provide some assistance. One I was in contact with would help out by providing a low interest loan that would be paid back after ordination. They also would cover the cost of the Major Seminary but one would have to pay back half of the cost of the Major Seminary after ordination.

Another one I was in contact with required an undergraduate degree that the student had to cover fully but then they paid most, if not all, of the Major Seminary.

Religious institutes also have these sort of things. Mine requries that one have an undergraduate degree and all requirements for the Masters of Divinity to be done before entry to the novitiate and the student must get student loans to cover it. The order covers the Major Seminary costs and pays the student loan payments until ordination and then pays off the student loans but not many religious institues work this way with the undergraduate degrees.

Thanks. That’s very informative. But it begs a question in my mind… If someone joins an order, wherein the members take the vow of poverty…how are they going to pay back the loan to the order? Or is it such that they get some sort of stipend that they give right back? But that would mean they get paid after it’s paid back, which does what to the vow of poverty?

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