Support During Annullment Process

I am not Catholic, but planning to start RCIA in the fall. I am recently engaged to a wonderful Catholic man I have known for over 30 years. I submitted my forms for annulment in March, my witnesses statements were completed in May, and now I am waiting for publication of the acts.

I have been married twice. In going through this process I have found that my understanding of marriage before was wrong. (Protestant background, Family with multiple divorces and marriages.) I am thankful for the healing and the understanding that this process brings about, but I’m frustrated that this process takes so long. As someone who wants to join the Catholic faith, it seems like a shorter process would be more welcoming, but I understand that it is very serious work that is taking place.

Any advice on how I can get through this process with grace and come out on the other side? Right now it feels like there is no other side.

Thank you all for your support.


You’re going to have to ask a priest to help you navigate through this. I can say that marriages between two protestants may be valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and share your story. I am happy to pray for you.

I am so sorry that you are frustrated. I can tell that you are anxious to get on with your life, that is natural! Based on what I know, since you have two previous marriages, and the documents were complete in May and it is now only just July it has not really been that long compared to others I have known (probably not what you wanted to hear). People in the diocese have a lot to go through and take great care, but you probably already knew that and are still anxious to get on with your life!

Know this deep in your heart, that Jesus Christ loves you and has loved you since before you were born. Jesus has wonderful plans for your life, Jesus has also known that you would be waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

Jesus waited too, Jesus waited in the desert alone for 40 days. Alone and quiet. Sometimes, I believe, that Jesus calls us into the desert too. The desert is a place of the unknown where we wait, and sometimes God feels far away. Perhaps this is your desert? Here you are waiting to be done with your former life and anxious to get married and join RCIA both beautiful things but you have to wait that is so hard! Even though the desert can feel awful and we want to rush out of it, in reality the only way is to go THROUGH it, but if you go through your desert with Jesus by your side I promise you that on the other side will be much joy. Please take care as best as you can and post again on how things are going if you feel up to it. God bless.

Dear Lora,

Welcome to CAF! I hope your time here is fruitful and that you are made to feel included!

I don’t have any personal experience with the annulment process, but I understand it can be long and frustrating and it would not surprise me if it takes longer when an applicant has had multiple previous marriages. But there are a number of people on this board who have gone through the process; maybe you will have some luck getting in touch with some of them for support.

You should know, if it hasn’t already been made clear to you, that divorce is not an impediment to reception into the Church, so as long as you do not civilly marry your fiance, you can go through the RCIA process and become Catholic at Easter with the rest of the candidates. Maybe you could try to see this process (RCIA, waiting for the annulment, etc) as a long Lent. Lent involves some sacrifice and suffering, sure, but it’s with an eye to the Risen Jesus and the joy of Easter at the end.

God bless you.

Congrats to you on obtaining annulment and finding love again. :thumbsup:

I’ve been there, and annulments are indeed intended for healing, too. It can take some time, so you might feel some frustration but hang in there and look towards the future. Ask for the intercession of saints to pray for you; St. Michael helped me during my own process.

With my prayers,

Thank you all for your support.

I received a letter yesterday that the proofs are complete for my first marriage. My advocate said we should have a decision in 2-3 weeks.

I keep picturing Mary Untier of Knots in my mind. I am so drawn to her as I am going through this process.

I will keep praying and keep positive!

I was blessed to receive an Affirmative decision for my first marriage through my local diocese. This is great news - and I am grateful.

The bad news is that my ex husband for my second marriage seems to be putting up obstacles (asking for extension to fill out questions, yet not returning them). He is spiteful, so part of me isn’t terribly surprised. I understand at some point the process will move forward with our without his input. He could care less about the Catholic church or this process, he is remarried - his motivation is only to make things difficult for me.

I am trying to keep positive and I pray that we will indeed move forward with the process. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers - today I am just so beaten down by this man. The fact that he can still ‘reach me’ through this process and try to inflict more pain is just unfathomable to me.

Thank you for your support here. It means the world to me.

Thank you for updating us. I am sure it is difficult to wait, when things are not in your control. That’s a universal frustration, no matter if it is a small or large thing we desire. :slight_smile:

Keep praying, Mary Undoer of Knots… she will help you get through this!

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