Support for Germany's Merkel plunges after attacks


Popular support for Chancellor Angela Merkel has plunged according to a poll conducted after attacks in Germany, with almost two-thirds of Germans unhappy with her refugee policy.

The survey for public broadcaster ARD showed support for Merkel down 12 points from her July rating to 47 percent. This marked her second-lowest score since she was re-elected in 2013. In April last year, before the migrant crisis erupted she enjoyed backing of 75 percent.


47% approval is still not too bad.


I think Merkel is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Germany is now “controlled” by the EU which is controlled by a very rich and powerful small group. She is essentually just a high level manager as is most of the Europe Union. Britain was smart and is trying to get out from under and have their self-rule restored. They will pay for it in the short run, but hopefully they will not flag and other countries will follow suit. Most of the British economy is tethered to big, out of country companies. Just a reflection on the issue.


Not sure why her popularity is sinking.

But it’s hard to imagine that her importing all those Muslim refugees didn’t have something significant to do with it. It has not been a happy experience for Germans.

Obama, of course, has high popularity numbers now, notwithstanding his importing lots of the same people. But for him, it’s fewer and it’s earlier; only 10,000 and they’re not all here yet.

Hillary wants 50,000, but none of that will happen until she’s elected, if she is. If the 10% jihadi presence some claim is true, that will be 5,000 jihadis. Right now the FBI is tracking 1,000 suspected jihadis, and having trouble doing that.


Historically, Germany has had a very cozy relationship with Moslems and the countries they come from. They have often fought side-by-side with them against Christians.

My point is, any other European country the size of Germany (81 million people) that imported over 1 million Moslem refugees would have seen their government toppled by its people, but Germany, with its close Moslem relationships, remains rather strong in its support for Merkel.

I wonder if Germany has an ulterior motive for letting in over 1 million Moslem refugees. As we see, no other European nation comes close to that number, and most don’t want any…


Germany is continental Europe’s industrial heartland, and industrial exports are a big deal in Germany. Germany has a low birth rate. Likely the attraction was the prospect of a lot of low-cost industrial (and domestic) workers. One of the curses of an advanced economy with a low birth rate. Germany has imported workers for decades.

It will soon pay the piper, and perhaps Germans are beginning to realize it.


I am not familiar with that estimate. Who is making that claim, or what is their calculation based upon?


While I agree with your point, I think it runs deeper than that.

Why have they fought side-by-side with them throughout their history? No other European nation can come close to the ties Germany has had with Moslem nations. I don’t believe that any other European nation has allied themselves with Moslem nations in war like Germany has. They stand alone in their Moslem alliances.

Their alliance with Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, in WW1 really stands out as an aberration in Europe. And they, pretty much alone, want Turkey to be a part of the EU.

Something doesn’t seem right…


I don’t know if I would make too much of Turkey’s alliance with Germany in WWI. After all, the U.S., Britain and FRance were allied with Japan then too.


Polling. I didn’t readily find the worldwide percentage. But the percentage in the U.S. is even worse than that. Here’s what the Pew Poll found; that fully 1/3 of Muslims in the U.S. support Al Quaeda, or did when the poll was taken. Is there some persuasive reason to think it’s far less in, say, the Middle East?


Here are various percentages for different Muslim countries.

percentage of muslims who support jihad


France was allied with the Ottoman Empire during the 16th and 17th centuries. The two countries supported one another in wars in what is now Italy, Hungary and Austria. They had a common enemy in the Hapsburgs.


I have no idea where Debbie Schlussel got her figures. She claims they are from a Pew Research poll, and she provides a link to it. However, if you visit the poll you will see that only 5% of Muslims in the US support al Qaeda. And you will see that the Muslims who are born in the US are quite a bit more likely to have a favorable view of al Qaeda than foreign-born Muslims.

Yes, I think percent of people who express support for al Qaeda is higher in the the Middle East. The Pew poll even mentions that. However, that doesn’t mean that refugees are going to be supporters of al Qaeda. If anything, they might be more likely to oppose it, since the warfare has destroyed their country and sent them fleeing for their lives.


Many american Catholics support the Democrats even though their platform calls for repeal of the Hyde amendment. So Catholics, such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, support an organization with questionable goals even though they are personally opposed to some of those goals. What is the platform of Al Qaeda? What does it mean to say that someone supports al Qaeda? I suspect it means different things to different people. Some Arab Muslims oppose the US intervention in their lands and oppose the civilian casualties that resulted from the American intervention. So they may have that as a reason to support organizations with questionable goals.

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