Support for gun control down dramatically since 2012

Support for stricter gun laws has declined since a dramatic spike in late 2012.

Just 47 percent of Americans say they favor stricter laws covering the sale of firearms, down from 58 percent in 2012, according to a new Gallup poll.

The 2012 figure of 58 percent was 15 percentage points higher than the 43 percent support found by Gallup’s 2011 survey. Gallup began conducting its 2012 survey less than a week after the deadly school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

More than a third (38 percent) of Americans think laws regulating the sale of firearms should be kept as they are now, and 14 percent say they should be loosened.

Handgun ownership is still popular among Americans. Nearly three-fourths (73 percent) now say that handguns should not be banned – a near record high.

The right of self defense is not negotiable and when people are not being bombarded by the latest massacre of the year news coverage they know this to be true.

Gun rights will only strengthen over the coming years, no matter who is President because gun rights are not partisan and plenty of Democrats still support them as well as Republicans.

Gun control does not work. :nope:

I think that it can, unfortunately here in the US we have so much divide, whenever a shooting occurs both sides point the finger at each other. I hate guns. The only time I think a gun is ok, is if you use it at your house when an intruder comes in. Im not a fan of carrying a gun around bc they let you. You want a gun keep it at home.

Yet there is a real issue with mental illness intersecting with access to guns. I don’t like CA’s recent gun law for confiscating weapons which is a shame, because with a little more effort it could have been very supportable. The problem with it is it allows for confiscation of weapons based on an allegation and than a very onerous (and expensive process) in countering the allegations. A system ripe for abuse. Simply requiring some type of penalty for a false accusation, with a simple, cheaper and more streamlined process for restoration of rights would have made it far more palatable to me.

It took a fairly obvious point- that often the family/friends of a mentally ill person are aware of them posing a hazard-- but created a process where anyone with a grudge can falsely accuse someone. Of course, there’s also the issue of the difficulty of having someone committed for more than 72hrs, a great reluctance to hold someone and the concern over the rights of the mentally ill vs their risk to others/themselves and the judgement call required.

With the execption of Tuscon, which was a Democrat/liberal campaign rally, every single mass shooting in the USA in the last 20 years has occurred in an area that has gun control or is a designated “gun-free” zone .

All gun control does is disarm law-abiding citizens. Why would criminals (ie lawbreakers) choose to follow a gun control law?

I respect that opinion. It’s a free country and if your choice is that you prefer not to have an effective means to defend yourself- more power to you. Kind of my opinion of motorcycle helmet laws-- if you want to take on the risk I’m all for the freedom of people to make their own choices.

Unfortunately where I live, I do not even have the choice, the freedom, to choose whether to carry a weapon or not-- if I want to continue to be a law abiding citizen. Unfortunately, that restriction isn’t a concern to the law-breakers who carry regardless of what the law permits.

That we know of. Im prettu sure that we have had shootings in area were guns were permited but we did not hear of it.

I do not carry a gun around because “they let me”, I carry gun because it is my right. No law will change that.

See but it is different. A motorcycle is used for driving, yes it can cause death, same as my car or my mom’s truck. A gun yes, it is used for defense, but how many times have we heard, after a shoting. They were a good person, IDK what hanppened they just snapped.

Im with you it is there for defense, that’s why I said, have a gun but at home. Look one of my good friends was killed in 2001 by a gun. Here’s the story. He had gone to this person’s house and was about to steal his truck. The guy got his gun and killed him. It was hard but its not like if my friend was evangelizing.

But why? All that your trying to is be intimidating. Like I said have it at home

If it’s concealed, how can it be an attempt at intimidation?

People here in the DFW area were having protests with guns. They were not concealed. You personally prob do, but I dont think you can say overall everyone who owns a gun does so.

I am a licensed gun owner and I think gun control COULD work if implemented correctly. But we have yet to find a way to make it work. However, considering there have been over 70 incidences involving firearms in schools since the Sandy Hook shooting, our way of going about gun rights at the moment doesn’t seem to be working :frowning:

When I read you post it hit me. These have happened at schools. People saying see, see if we had guns. Are we proposing arming kids at schools?

Were they pointing them at any one? That, would of course, be intimidation.

If they were wearing them in holsters and not touching them? If so, how is that intimidating?

Is it the action of the person, or the simple presence of a firearm?

How about the teachers?

I know one who is a Marine Reserve Major. Why can he not carry a firearm?

At a Chili’s Restaurant in the Dallas Fort Worth area, a bunch of gun-owners brought in their rifles, long guns.

Looks like that broke the law in so-far as these restaurants sell alcoholic beverages. I think this happened at a Target as well. This is being a little extreme.

It’s sad. These school shootings happen because someone was being so irresponsible with their gun that they made it possible for some child to take it to school. I agree with you that I think carrying a gun around for “protection” is primarily done so because the gun owner wants to be intimidating. And in an ideal world we wouldn’t be allowing that anyway…but I don’t foresee there ever being a ban on carrying a concealed weapon. Too many gun owners are proud to be gun owners, and any suggestion to limit their use automatically triggers a rant about the second amendment.

As I said earlier, I am a gun owner. But I keep it in a safe in my bedroom that only myself and my wife know the combination to. It’s to keep intruders from harming my family. I have never felt the need to take it out of my home :shrug:

A gun in the street whether you are holding in or not is intimadating.

Call me paranoid but I think having our teachers walk around with a firearm is just asking for trouble. Some troubled child in some school somewhere would inevitably manage to get his or her hands on it.

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