Support of Commercial Sponsors?

When does the purchase of a product (i.e. supporting commercial TV sponsors of anti-Christian or anti-Catholic shows) become a sin ?

After years of personally boycotting a particular product (unsure if we can name products here), which was a sponsor of TV show, “Priests” (or “The Priests”) - I finally returned to purchasing it due to need - and at doctor’s recommendation. Now, I’ve recently learned that same product is sponsoring / advertising once-again another ABC TV show, which is negative towards Christians (for lack of better description). But I’m wishing I could continue using that product.

Where do we draw the line between mortal and venial sin? Our Lord suffered so severely for us - yet, I worry about my smaller sufferings in comparison. Any thoughts?

Many shows make fun of Christianity to some extenet. The more extreme ones I don’t watch. So I have less knowledge as to who their sponsors are. Sometimes I do know and try to avoid their companies. I also do not knowingly buy stock in such companies. But frankly there are too many who support abortion, gay marriage, etc. But I do have at least one that I am not comfortable with. It is too hard to avoid them all, especially when many are not all that open as to what causes they support.As a Catholic and life long Republican it is an issue of free enterprise that I have problems with.

My assumption in a case like this is that if it is something you need (like medicine) and no suitable alternative is available then go ahead and buy it.

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