Supporting protestant missionary

Hi, I’m currently financially supporting a native missionary and his family in India.

However, now that I’ve become convinced of the Catholic faith, it doesn’t feel right to support his mission work anymore.

However, I don’t know if my money is used for food or what, but regardless of that, I’m indirectly supporting his missionary work, right?

So I wonder if you know of any Catholic native missionaries in a place where there are many unreached people that I can support through some Catholic missionary organization or similar? For example China?

It’s wiser with native missionaries, since that way the money is more wisely spent, because it costs a lot for missionaries from USA for example, to travel to other countries and live there.

If you want to continue working in India, you might consider supporting Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA),

Catechetical Sisters of Arogyamatha
Sr. Selvi Rayappan CSA
Superior General’s US Rep.

The sisters evangelize the poor and catechize the newly baptized Catholics in the rural villages of India.
They also take care of and educate orphans in their boarding school. They live among the poor where there is no electricity, transportation, safe drinking water or adequate sanitary conditions. I know they would appreciate any donation that you could make.

You can contact them for more info:

Sr. selvi Rayappan CSA
600 Doat Street,
Buffalo, NY 14211-2602
Phone (716) 892-4141 EX 511


I have never been to India. I want to give financial support by giving money through bank transfer or similar.

Ok thanks, but do they believe in woman priesthood?

Are women allowed to be catechetes?

Ok thanks, but do they believe in woman priesthood?

Are women allowed to be catechetes?

No they don’t believe in woman priesthood! Why do you even think that?

They are regular nuns who evangelize the poor and instruct or catechize new Christians in the Catholic faith.

You could approach a missionary order and contribute to funding for a seminarian.

Do you have any tip?

What kind of missionary work do you want to support in India? A woman’s shelter? Orphanage? Seminary? Building churches? There are many mens and womens religious orders in India.

You could call the diocese you are located in in Sweden and they could probably help you too.

I’d preferably want to support missionary work; native (doesn’t have to be native) missionaries who reach unreached villages etc with the gospel.

Okay, there’s some men’s groups that fit the description. You could try the Heralds of Good News or the Missionaries of Compassion are just two I can think of off the top of my head.

Thank you, although I didn’t find any clarity on whether they are actually working to convert people or not by preaching the Gospel. Although feeding the hungry etc is good, how does it help those people if they perish in hell after death?

I sent e-mails to them, and asked.

We have HGNs in our diocese here in the US and I’ve met a couple of MC priests. They do promote the Gospel wherever they are. India is like 92% Hindu and 3% Christian so there is much to be done there in terms of Propagation of the Faith and doing works of mercy - such as feeding and sheltering the homeless.

It’s good to hear that you are on fire for the faith, Jonathan. God bless you!

I personally know of a Missionary group (non-denominational) that has sent missionaries to Mali, Africa, Columbia, South America, and other places. It was founded by my uncle. If you’d like more information, please PM me privately.

He was a missionary in dangerous places, and the Lord protected him as he converted Mus1*ms to Christianity, many from ‘high places’. It’s a small operation, with little overhead. Quite honestly, and I know he wasn’t perfect, but he was as close to a saint on earth than almost anyone I’ve ever met (however, I haven’t met the Pope). He lived the Faith like no one I’ve ever met.

God rest his soul.

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