Supporting the Church materially

One of the precepts of the Church, which all Catholics are bound to follow, is to support the material needs of the Church. The most obvious means of doing so would be placing donations in the offering plate at your local parish. Is there any obligation to support your geographical, canonical parish, or do we fulfill the obligation by supporting those parishes in which we participate in the sacred mysteries? Do we fulfill the obligation by supporting priests and other Church ministers who have had a direct impact in our life, even if they have no jurisdiction over us?

We are free to support the Church in whatever way makes the most sense at the time. This isn’t something to scruple over, unless you come to the end of the year and realized you didn’t give anything at all, or you failed to meet whatever goal you set for yourself.

what he said.^^^;) there are no requirements. you should join a parish, and support them to the best of your ability.

A laborer deserves his wages. You should support the parish where you receive the sacraments.


I think a tithe is a perfect way. I would tithe to the Church I attend and then donate money to various other religious organizations, if I had the extra cash.

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