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I’m a little confused…When the Catechism (# 2043) states that we are to support the church, “each according to his own abilities”, what exactly does that mean, finanically speaking?

For instance, technically speaking, after paying bills and other obligations, one has the ability to give all of the rest of their money to the church, and thus have absolutely no spending money whatsoever, even for the smallest things (like, say, a candy bar), but I don’t think that is required, of course.

But I don’t know what is required, however. I would appreciate any guidance in this matter. Thanks!


I think it is one of those things left up to us. We must use our own judgement along with prayer to determine what we can and should give financially.

But there is also more than money. We can give of our time and talents, and should whenever we are able.

Someone may not feel able to give financially but can volunteer and join groups making their contribution that way… or one can give more money (if they have it) if they cannot give time or talent.



By supporting the Church according to our means, it is meant that those who can afford to financially give aid to the Church should according to how much money, etc, they can afford. Those who have no money to spare should volunteer their time, effort, and talents for the good of the Church. Make sense?

Also, when we’re asked to support the Church, they don’t mean in just material ways. You should also support her in your heart, mind, speech, and most importantly, your prayers.


Thank-you for your answers.

Like I said, I was just kind of confused…I mean, I know that I could (technically speaking) give all of the money I have left over after bills and other obligations to the church, and have absolutely no money whatsoever to spend on other things, but I didn’t think that was required. I just didn’t know what was required…

So I guess I should use my best judgment, asking God to help me determine how much I should be giving…

And yes, I certainly agree with supporting the church in other areas as well. That is definitely something I will try to do.

Again, thanks.


The way I was taught and truly believe is not to give God what is left over but he is to be first…Like the first commandment says…I am the Lord your God, you shall not have other Gods before me.

If we place money over God, then we are are not following this commandment. If we place our time and our talents over the God, then we are not following the first commandment either.

No one in the church requires you to tithe 10% as some denominations require. But the church says that you must support the church…with your time, your talents and your treasures.

You cannot outgive God in any way shape or form. Whatever you give God, He returns to you tenfold and even more. So why be stingy? Place your trust in God and you will be very generous. After all everything we have we owe to God. Everything! We need to be a good steward, not one who buries what God has given us int he soil…but rather invest it in charitable acts, gifts and give of your time, and you will reap much more from God.


As much as possible :stuck_out_tongue: opps sorry thats the parish accountant in me talking. :rolleyes:

This is what I have said at my parish. It is up to the individual and God. Never judge anyone. I know people who make 100K who have nothing in the bank and are majorly in debt. I also know some of our seniors who make 20K but are sitting on 500,000+ sitting in the bank and do not have any debt.

My question usually to people is how long have you been giving the same amount. For example 3, 5 10, 15 years.
Imagine what a decent wedding gift ($) was 10 years ago. This might not even cover the cost of the meal alone today.

Also money is not the complete picture. Stewardship is Time, talent and money.

For example, my parish saves about $2,000 a year from my accounting experience rather than using an outside accounting firm.

We have had painters, electricians, carpenters volunteer their talents helping to save money.

But even beyond saving money giving of time helps improve the parish family, for example there would be no parish cookouts and dinners without those willing to help out.

But going back to the money, one of the best things one could do to help the bottom line is help to fill the pews. Friends, family and neighbors that no longer go?
From my experience the financial problems in many parishes is due to attendance. 25% of register families.

Pray, Pray and Pray some more.

God Bless


An interesting question that can be answered by a careful reading of the Gospels.

Someone once quantified it as “Give until it hurts, then give a bit more.”

Giving out of your wealth is not giving as the widow gave.

It is very common, and very understandable, to want a specific answer; for with a specific answer, we can achieve that and then sit back and say “Well, I did my part!” And that doesn’t seem to be what Christ asks of us.

Let’s put it another way: what does it take on your part to make a good marriage? Some would say that turning over your paycheck, not questioning what she bought, not drinking in the tavern, not going out with the guys, and not committing adultery would make for a good marriage.

Others would say that it requires more… but how much?


Jesus taught ‘almsgiving’. The Catholic Church teaches ‘almsgiving’ too. (Most Protestants teach ‘tithing’ which contradicts what Jesus gave us.) So, what is ‘almsgiving’? Give what you think is right!

When a Protestant stands before Jesus on judgment day (since they are not ‘saved’ before then) they can honestly say to Jesus: “I obeyed the mandatory ‘works’ of the law, you must let me into heaven! I tithed 10% as commanded to in the Law!” Of course we know Jesus never taught tithing and Eph 2:8-10 is clear that we are NOT saved by ‘works’ of the law.

When a Catholic goes before judgment and Jesus asks: “What did you give to my visible body, my Catholic Church? How much did you offer to help others?” As a Catholic you must be able to look Jesus in the eye and say, “I gave “X” amount of dollars or “X” amount of time or “X” amount something.” And when you say it you will know that Jesus will be happy. If you have to hold your head down and can’t look our Lord in the eye and you seem to stutter or don’t feel like you really gave enough then you didn’t.

You must decide what the right amount is. Our Bishop recommends 5% to the parish, 1% to Catholic Charities, 1% to DDF, and 2% to something else I forget offhand. The total is only 9%! He also recommends we can give more or less and to other things as we see fit. Nothing is mandatory except that we are happy with the amount. Not even the 10% of the OLD LAW!

If you can give 90% then great. If you can only give 1% then great. Just give what you can. You have to live with it.

Many Bishops I have seen have other guidelines as a base ‘almsgiving’ too.

By the way, it’s not too late to buy an indulgence either! This is also a great use of money. It is not almsgiving though, it is a separate topic altogether.


I’m not as financially blessed as others so I don’t give a lot of money, but I try to give cheerfully of my time to the Church serving on the RCIA team, Respect Life Committee, Education Commission, serving as an EM, Lector, and Sacristan.


[quote=StCsDavid]I’m not as financially blessed as others so I don’t give a lot of money, but I try to give cheerfully of my time to the Church serving on the RCIA team, Respect Life Committee, Education Commission, serving as an EM, Lector, and Sacristan.

St. Cecelia’s must be blessed.


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