Supposed inaccuracies/contradictions in the Bible


What are some of the common verses or books non believers have tried to prove are reasons the Bible is full of contradictions, inaccuracies, etc. I think this would be useful to know so people know answers to common attacks instead of being confused and questioning. One I can think of is the genealogy of Jesus varies from Gospel to Gospel. I personally don’t know the answer as to why.


Here’s a good site that explains pretty much every alleged contradiction ever alleged.


Thanks for sharing Genesis315


Skeptics used to have a field day with Old Testament dates during the era of the Kings. Recent chronology refinements have resolved these ‘contradictions’ and now skeptics have to go back as far as Joshua in order to dredge up arguments.

Give a few more archeological finds and they will have to go back to Noah. That’s about all they’ll have left to quibble about. :rolleyes:


contradictions do not mean much of anything

life is full of contradictions

people? well let's not even start

just a heads up regarding science which is believed by many to describe the truth:
it not only does not speak to what is transcendent, it doesn't do that good of a job portraying nature
the best of it, the most predictive, provides only mathematical models,
equations which are frequently disconnected
it relies on numerous assumptions, provides no mechanisms for basic processes
and yes, is full of contradictions

now, the scientific method is an amazing development in the study of natural phenomena,

but scripture reveals the nature of God

if asked, i tend to change the focus
away from the apparent contradiction
and back to what the verses are meant to do:
tell of God and our relationship with Him

it is in God that we find ultimate Truth


As for the so-called contradictions in the Gospels, St. Augustine dissects the Gospels and demonstrates their harmony, here is my modified version of it

And here are a list that I answered a while back


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