Supposed "RC confession for Protestants" - Latin speakers?

I saw some church of Christ friends of mine discussing a supposed “Roman Catholic Confession for Protestants” which can be found here (scroll down a bit). The site is obviously very anti-Catholic, and the “confessions” are obviously bogus, as they contain blatant heresy all over the place.

I was impressed at first that my friends were actually questioning the source…but because they found the apparent original source for the “confession” here (scroll down to page 343, it’s the section marked IV, starting with *“Confessio Romano-Catholica, in Hungaria Evangelicis publice proscripta and proposita”), *and because they found it mentioned here, they believe it’s most likely authentic, and that the translation on the anti-Catholic website above is probably a correct translation of the Latin found there. (Way to give Catholics the benefit of the doubt, eh?:rolleyes:)

So, my question is first, does anyone know anything about this document? The only sources I find mentioning it are anti-Catholic sources, so I’m inclined to believe it’s not even authentic, or at least not any kind of officially Catholic document…

Secondly, if it is authentic, can anyone tell me if the translation given is bogus or not?

I’m not going to lose any sleep over this, obviously, but I thought I’d ask just in case I could point them towards some more accurate info about it all. I told them it was full of heresy, but I’m sure they’ll be wanting more details about it, since, you know…the evil Catholic Church tries to hide what they really believe and all with the “official” sources, all the while secretly teaching that Mary and the Pope are really more important than Christ. :wink:

Thanks for any help!

Anybody that calls it “the Roman Church” off the top gives themselves away as specious.

And “Calvin College”? Subtle as a hand grenade…

When they can give you an accurate Latin translation then you might deal with it, but that’s garbage so far.

I don’t have time to translate it right now, but the translation given looks incomplete in parts.

And they paired this so-called “Confession” with the infamous forgery “The Knights of Columbus Oath.”

Right…my friends actually did a bit of research and conceded (on their own) that the whole KofC thing wasn’t legit…but they basically said that doesn’t mean the other one isn’t. They seem to want to hang onto it for some reason. :rolleyes:

Thanks for everyone’s responses so far!

I checked some of the translation, and even though it looks incomplete, it is correct in other places:

Like where it says that the pope cannot err (which can be argued if you are talking about infallibility and not impeccability), or where it says that he can send anyone to hell, or where it says that the pope must be given more divine honor that Christ himself.

What strikes me as weird, is that the date of the book is 1838.

Two things:

  1. IT is a HOAX, a very old HOAX at that (there was anticatholicism in the 19th century as well)
  2. IT was put together by a very very ignorant Catholic, as it is full of well known heresies.

In addition, only that part of the book is weird, the rest is a reproduction of the Council of Trent documents.



Thanks so much, E.C.!

I translated the first part, but it was becoming clear that the translation was pretty accurate and also that this was bizarre and not Catholic at all.

Here’s what I translated:

We admit and confess, that we have been led by the singular care of our supreme spiritual and secular magistrate, by the diligence and power of the masters of the Society of Jesus, from the heretical way and faith to the true Roman-Catholic salvific way and faith, and that we wish to give witness to it with our mouth and tongue openly to the whole world.

We confess that the Roman Pope is the head of the Church, and that he cannot err.

We confess and are certain that the Roman Pope is the Vicar of Christ, and that he has the full power, by his will, of remitting sins to all men, of retaining them, of casting into hell, and of excommunicating.

We confess that whatsoever the Pope establishes new, whether without or outside Scripture, whatsoever he charges, is true, divine and salvific; and therefore should be esteemed by Laymen as greater than the precepts of the living God.

We confess that the Most Holy Pope should be honored by all men with divine honor, with a greater genuflection (“honor”), than is owed to Christ himself.

Thanks for the translation, yeah, definitely not Catholic!

Both Mary AND the Pope due greater honour than Christ himself, yeah right … in someone’s sick dreams.

The information quoted is from this list:

(Notre Dame archives of anti-Catholic printed materials)

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