Suppressed Group - What happened?

Found this detail written in one of my Yahoo groups and wondered if anyone could tell me any more about them and the circumstances around the reasons they were suppressed so emphatically that the pope got involved!?

“They had arisen from dissension from within the Contemplative Sisters of St John, and had been accepted by the Bishop of Cordoba, Spain. The pope himself suppressed the group, and said they could never be reconstituted. Please note papal document in blog post.”

There is a fairly detailed blog entry here I have no idea how reliable the information might be or how reliable the source/writer of the blog.

My initial impressions after reading that article is that the sisters need to pray to Venerable Maria Celeste Crostarosa, because this sounds a lot like what happened to the original Redemptoristine charism. She was imprisoned, and St. Alphonsus and Bishop Falcoia both added stuff that hadn’t been in her original visions. I have a copy of the original Redemptoristine Rule and Constitutions. The original habit didn’t have the scapular.

The Contemplative Sisters of St. John have seen a rough road. First their founder dies, who was the repository of the charism, and the co-founding sister was deposed, and the Church is expecting the remaining sisters to do what? From what I’ve read, it sounds like there was no effective leadership appointed, and the bishop who wanted to make changes to the charism–against the mind of the church BTW–wasn’t getting anywhere. The sisters were “cornered,” and did what they thought they could to preserve their charism, with some creating another community.

My question for the sisters–whose faith is now hanging by a thread (I can relate): did they follow processes and procedures for making a new foundation? If this article is accurate, they may not have followed the proper procedures, and this is why they were suppressed.

If they didn’t go through exclaustration (going through church channels to leave their community), and live a period of experimentation, then I can understand why the Sisters of St John and St Dominic were suppressed. Not doing so may have been the reason for the suppression. Otherwise, did anyone–priests, canonists–offer to assist these sisters with not only resisting the changes to their charism, but with forming a new community? The article makes them sound abandoned and cornered.

When suppressions happen for such reasons, the constitutions and habit cannot be reused. Should they follow processes and procedures, they could quite possibly be more successful with another venture.

Again, I call upon Venerable Maria Celeste Crostarosa to intercede for the Contemplative Sisters of St. John. Such a pity that their new cloister in Austria stands empty. Canon 605 states that the bishop is to be a “padre” (nurturing father) not a “padrone” (lord and master).

Again, I have speculated based on what these articles have said. I have, in no way, been privy to any of the events and have spoken with no one involved.


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