Supreme Court Blocks Transgender Bathroom Ruling


The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to put on hold a federal judge’s order in the growing controversy over restrictions on the use of bathrooms by transgender students.

The school board in Gloucester County, Virginia, is challenging a decision by a federal appeals court that ruled it must allow a student, who was born a girl but now identifies as male, to use the boys’ bathroom during the coming school year.

While the board prepares to appeal the decision, it asked the Supreme Court to block the lower court order. And on Wednesday, the justices granted that request in a brief order.


It’s unfortunate for Gavin Grimm but he knew what he was getting into. I wish I was that brave in high school.

And the stay is temporary. The Court will either deny the school board’s case, in which case the stay is lifted, or they will hear the case and with the makeup of the Court likely at worst split 4-4, or 5-3 for Grimm, both victories for him.


I don’t think it’s unfortunate for any girls in that district who may have been forced to shower or change alongside someone who has male genitalia. Incredible what passes for “brave” these days.


The Supreme Court intervened for the first time Wednesday in the controversy over transgender rights and blocked a lower court ruling that would have allowed a transgender boy to use the high school restroom that fits his “gender identity.”

In an unusual 5-3 order, the justices granted an emergency appeal from a Virginia school board, which said it is fighting to “protect the basic expectations of bodily privacy of Gloucester County students.”

The school board was seeking to be exempted from the Obama administration’s position that schools nationwide are required to allow transgender students to use the bathroom they prefer.

Justice Stephen G. Breyer signaled he did not support the school board’s emergency appeal, but said he joined the court’s four conservatives as a “courtesy” to put the issue on hold until the justices can review the matter when they return in the fall.


Obama’s lawyers have since stated that this directive is not legally binding. Any school district that thinks they must follow Obama’s bizarre directive is mistaken. To me it seems as if Obama made a threat he couldn’t keep with the whole loss of federal funding thing. I wonder who this internationalist answers to; to me sure doesn’t seem to be the American people but rather someone who wants America to be severed right at the root; someone who wants those poor helpless kids started a young age. Even a child could tell you the obvious differences between a man and a woman and if you told the child a man was a woman or vice versa they would certainly correct you. Someone wants this to be a thing of a past. Confuse and lie to them when they’re young and they’ll be much more pliable later. Sorry Obama but this time you’ve gone too far.


Surely this is difficult for Gavin Grimm. However, he must have expected a fight, and perhaps the school will still make available a converted broom closet for him to use. (which they previously offered.)

Since Gavin is a senior in high school this year, the Supreme Court ruling really won’t affect him. It will be about the transgender students to come.




Why are you saying HE and HIM? Is it really charitable to egg people on in this kind of mindlessness? Someone needs to tell HER the truth and to simply accept it. When I look at HER I clearly see the face of a female, there’s no doubt about it, and expect SHE would have a real tough time trying to grow a beard without having to take handfuls of testosterone pills. In your mind where shall the actual females go who don’t want to shower or change near a person born with male genitalia who feels like he’s a female? Are the majority to give up their most basic fundamental right to use the bathroom in peace in order to pander to a handful of psychologically ill students in every state? This is utterly outrageous and illogical thinking which clearly lacks any foresight as to what other many effects might be had in time contingent to such policies coming into place. More likely that’s the point and all part of some master plan; Obama ran on a platform of “change” after all but unfortunately he(?) didn’t tell us what that meant until it was too late. Had this been part of his platform he’d surely have been stricken off the ticket.


I think the normal course of testosterone treatment for transgender men is all that is required for beard growth. From what I have read, taking excess testosterone may be counter productive, since the body would convert excess testosterone into estrogen.

I agree that locker rooms, or shower rooms, or any room where people disrobe should be shared only by persons with the same genitalia. However, in the case we are discussing, Gavin doesn’t seek to use such facilities. He merely wants to use the boys restroom.


I think it is important to note that Gavin Grimm is not seeking to use the boys locker room or other sites where people disrobe. He is merely seeking to use the boys restroom.

The majority said its ruling did not extend to locker room access. “Only restroom use is at issue in this case,” [Appellate Court Judge Henry] Floyd wrote.


Besides the point.

Give an inch they’ll take a mile.


What Caitlin Grimm is seeking is neither here nor there. Obama has directed that ALL school districts in the US implement such policies for both washrooms and change rooms. Some are fighting it and some are not, meaning this may be coming to a school near you.


Yes, it is true that the Obama directive is being challenged, and rightfully so. However, the case we are discussing is not part of that.


His name is Gavin Grimm.


Actually, the term you are looking for is transgender women.

Transgender women are biological men that identify women. I don’t think you meant transgender men that are biological women that identify as men. I think I’ve got that right.


Look, I had two brothers. I was their sister. Even before puberty but especially afterward, they didn’t want me walking in on them, and I didn’t want them walking in on me.

Furthermore, that was the case in a home restroom.

In a public men’s restroom, there is a wall of urinals where men must partially disrobe and reveal their genitals in order to urinate. I’m sure that things are already fraught enough in a school full of fragile young egos jostling for their place in the world.

But if a teenage girl (even if dressed as a boy, and even if showing some testosterone-caused features) walks into a boys’ bathroom at school every day, no teenage boy in the world is going to be able to just ignore it and go about his eliminatory business. Even if they tried, they would either be unable to pee because of sudden urination shyness, or they would find themselves aroused and embarrassed. Boys with a bullying personality will react by trying to beat this girl up or sexually assaulting her, of course, while normal kindly boys will probably react by abandoning that particular bathroom’s use to the girl… and the bullies, though the decent boys won’t realize that. If the school realizes this, they will have adult teachers chaperoning the bathroom and preventing the bullying; if they don’t, the consequences will be very bad.

So yeah, at best this girl will have her own boys’ bathroom all to herself, while the boys double up and beat themselves up mentally (and probably have an increase in fighting among themselves, in response to crowding and self doubt). There will probably be other bad consequences, because school is an unpleasant environment at best, and bad things tend to happen there.

Furthermore, any time you say that manhood is just a matter of taking sufficient testosterone, and particularly if you back that up by adult authority, you also undermine the social and sexual development of every boy in that school. Teenage boys are really fragile when it comes to matters of manliness, which is why girls have to be tactful around them (without being seen to be tactful, which is annoying but necessary).


Yes, her name is now legally Gavin.


Haha what.


Just like the old Sarah Palin line “you can put makeup on a pig, but its still a pig” applies here, just because you change the name of a female to a male name does not mean SHE is no longer a female.

Besides, ANYONE can change their name to ANYTHING they like.


It’s called “shy bladder” — the scientific term is paruresis — and I think it’s also variable. Some guys, for example, can’t whiz if there’s a female around. Some guys can’t do it publicly at all.

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