Supreme court judge hints at legal hitch that could seriously delay Brexit


The fiasco continues…

**A supreme court judge has raised the prospect that Theresa May would have to comprehensively replace existing EU legislation before the government could even begin Brexit, in a move that could seriously delay the process.

In a speech that angered leave campaigners, Lady Hale said the supreme court judges could go further than simply forcing May to publish a short piece of legislation to approve the triggering of article 50.

The deputy president of the court said that next month’s case – in which the supreme court will hear the government’s appeal against a high court ruling that MPs must approve the triggering of article 50 – raised “difficult and delicate issues” about the relationship between government and parliament…

Hale set out the arguments on both sides of what is expected to be the most constitutionally significant case ever heard by the supreme court. She told the students that while 51.9% of the British electorate had voted to leave the EU, “that referendum was not legally binding on parliament”…

Hale is one of 11 judges due to hear the case at the supreme court, which comes after the high court ruling immediately triggered a backlash from some politicians and rightwing media. The Daily Mail described the judges as “enemies of the people”.

The former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith said Hale had pro-EU views and warned that it was not the job of judges to tell parliament what to do. Duncan Smith said: “This is a very big step. If they were to do this it’s a constitutional crisis. What the judges will decide on at the supreme court is whether or not the government can use its executive powers to trigger article 50.

“It is not their job to tell parliament … how they should go about that business, that’s for parliament to decide.”

He said “the individual concerned” had always opposed Britain leaving the EU, and said that he did not believe that would be a majority view in the supreme court.**


I believe this is the same judge who the Obama administration has invited to review the Trump “election”, and the initial hints are that Trump’s move to the presidency has been put on hold, perhaps indefinitely, due to legal hitches. The Democrats have said they will “listen to the people in the streets” as they continue to fill the White House for the foreseeable future.

The Brexit opponents are sharing their safety pins (symbols of safety from Brexit-and–Trump-tyranny) with their American cousins.


I beg your pardon? What?

You think Baroness Hale or the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is involved with the American political process?


My concern re Brexit is the knock on effect on the pensions of expats like myself as sterling went down…

As I have been away for over 15 years I could not vote.

and with the ease of international communications nothing would surprise me frankly


Only in my warped sense of humor, Father. :slight_smile:

Here in the US we are getting saturated with media bias, practically commanding people to despair at the end of civilization. People - whose grandfathers stormed the beaches at Normandy to face the Nazis - are now told they will melt like snowflakes if an election result is different from what they expected. The term “snowflake” is the new term coined for 2016.

Some people are using the Safety Pin in the US, to denote they are a “safe place” who can be approached due to terror at the Trump. The Safety Pin gurus borrowed that symbol from Brexit gurus, who are apparently dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder victims dealing with Brexit, and the apparent repeal of every shred of decency and order. The EU gave them everything including the 10 Commandments, the Magna Carta, and indoor plumbing, all of which will be lost under Brexit. :slight_smile:

A little humor is needed to poke holes in those media inflated buffoons.


:thumbsup: I understand your humor.


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