Supreme Court justices seem divided on Obama immigration actions; Roberts the wild card


The Supreme Court appeared split along ideological lines Monday as justices took up one of the most significant challenges yet to President Obama’s use of executive power – an election-year dispute over his bid to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and make them eligible to work in the U.S.

The justices’ questions and comments over the course of the 90-minute arguments left the possibility of a 4-4 tie – which would represent a defeat for the Obama administration. A split decision also would set no guiding precedent on the use of presidential authority moving forward.

Still, comments by Chief Justice John Roberts helped keep a final decision in doubt, as he suggested a possible quick-fix in a key part of the policy. In doing so, he gave possible hope to the White House and its allies, even if a split decision still appears the most likely outcome.


oh how I wish Judge Scalia were still here.


Oh how glad I am that he’s not!


I’d be shocked if Kennedy or Roberts (or both) didn’t vote with the liberal bloc. They seemed uncomfortable with the implications of ruling that Texas has standing in this case.


so you are glad he died? :confused:


Some of us are glad he is no longer on the Court, however that happened. I don’t think that should be taken as implying that we wanted him dead. I would have been happy for him to have retired from the Court.


Probably not. Just glad he is gone because he interpreted the law and did not make laws. That is not the duty assigned to the court by the Constitution.


I didn’t say he wanted him dead, I asked if he was glad that he died. I hope you see the difference.


As do I. He was a great Supreme Court Justice.



yes he was!


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