Supreme Court Pick Next Thursday


Donald J. Trump

I will be making my Supreme Court pick on Thursday of next week.Thank you!


Hardiman, Gorsuch Top Trump’s Supreme Court List, Source Says

Either Hardiman or Gorsuch would, in all likelihood, largely track the voting pattern of the late Antonin Scalia, the justice whose seat Trump is looking to fill. The new justice could provide an outspoken voice for the court’s conservative wing for a generation.


To all the nay-sayers, Trump said he would appoint conservative justices and he is delivering. I await the incoming from the Dems.


I was hoping Ted Cruz would be the appointee. No one in Washington knows the Constitution better than he does and with Cruz only being in his forties, he could be on the Bench for the next 30-some years or more.


You are right, but perhaps he would rather run for president again. No way to know.


Await no more.

Can’t much blame them after Garland didn’t even get a hearing with nearly a year to go.


I agree Cruz would be a good pick, and he would easily be confirmed by his fellow senators who would love to have him be a former colleague. Lawyers can be really annoying, which is one of the reasons I supported the non-lawyer Republican tickets over the twin lawyer Democratic tickets in the last few presidential elections.


Elizabeth Diaz:

Trump plans to announce his Supreme Court pick on Feb. 2–the day of the National Prayer Breakfast, full of pro-life supporters.


I for one, think it would be hilarious if Democrats refuse to confirm. Gotta imagine they’re pretty sour about the election, as well as not getting Garland.


I don’t think the Democrats in the Senate will filibuster. If they do the nuclear option will be invoked by the Republicans, and the Democrats do not want that to happen after they’ve seen how it has cost them with Trump’s cabinet nominees. Their mistake of invoking the nuclear option against Republicans several years ago has come back to haunt them and has allowed Trump to nominate more radical cabinet nominees that probably wouldn’t have been approved under the old rules.



Radical is in the eye of the beholder.


This is definitely true. I was just making the point that I don’t think some of the nominees for cabinet positions would have made it through if the old rules were still in place. The Supreme Court is a bit different though and I still think the Democrats won’t block whoever his pick is.


You have more confidence than I do. The Dems will fight tooth and nail against anyone who is not (in their words) not a mainstream judge. That criteria certainly did not affect them when Obama appointed his judges. Sotomayor and Kagan can hardly be called “main stream”.


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