Supreme Court scheduled to hear transgender bathroom case in March


The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on March 28 in the case of a transgender teenager from Virginia who sued his school board for the right to use the boys’ bathroom, a case that could shape how public schools across the country accommodate transgender students.

Gavin Grimm, now a senior at Gloucester High School, sued in 2015 after the board barred him from the boys’ bathroom. His lawyers argue that the policy, which requires students to use bathrooms aligned with their biological sex, violates a federal law against sex discrimination in public schools.


I hope the SC strikes down this nonsense!


Me too!


I pray they send it back to the States. If the Supreme Court rules on this, it will be bad … regardless.


The problem with our society is not that some individuals think they are another sex, the problem is that people can no longer think with coherence.
We are easily deceived.


Amazing that this could possibly end up in the Supreme Court. The issue being, I take it, whether a girl can use the boy’s bathroom because she regards herself as a boy notwithstanding she knows she’s a girl. (and vice versa)

Isn’t there a principle in the law that goes something like: “De minimum non curat lex” (The law does not concern itself with trifles.)?


Normalization of GID (Gender Identity Disorder) is not helping


Excellent point.


So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them…

That is too simple, so Facebook has provided 71 different gender descriptions for people to choose from, and physical human plumbing is no longer good enough to decide what bathroom to use.

Not sure about others here, but I don’t go to the bathroom for affirmation of who I am. I go to relieve myself and most of the time public bathrooms are not my first choice.


How would they rule on it?


Don’t expect a conservative result. Kennedy is socially liberal and will likely join Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor to legalize the issue 5-4.


That’s assuming that Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is confirmed by then. If not, we’ll still have 8 justices, so would you say it would be 4-4 or 5-3 in favor of the transgender bathroom situation?


I look forward to the SC ruling that segregating bathrooms by biological sex is unconstitutional.


Well, the Boy Scouts have already accepted girls as boys, which doesn’t give much reason to hope for rationality. The following quote is from an article pertaining to the BSA decision, but I think it could apply here as well:

"A girl has 74 trillion X-chromosomes in her body. Think about that. Try to wrap your mind around a number like that. Start cutting and stacking 74 trillion pieces of paper and see how far you get.

Thus, a seven-year-old girl who calls herself a boy does so despite the reality that she has 74 trillion X-chromosomes vs. ZERO Y-chromosomes. To repeat: ZERO Y-chromosomes. Biological reality could not be more stacked against whatever she might be feeling. 74 trillion vs. zero are utterly enormous odds. You’ve heard the saying that every fiber in your body tells you something? Imagine every chromosome in your body telling you something. What they tell you is your gender. You don’t tell your body your gender; your body tells you your gender."



The SCOTUS is right leaning so maybe conservatives get their wish? I now have a question for a podcast that has a lawyer on it. There are some on the court that are more reasoned to lean LGBTQIA+. I hope the anti-trans bills are dismissed.


I idea of a lady wanting to sit and go number 2 on a men’s urinal may seem trivial to you, but it isn’t to 10s of women everywhere, buddy.




I also hope that the Supreme Court strikes down this nonsense.


Good grief. If someone is born male he is a male. If someone is born female she is a female.

If someone enters a bathroom for its intended purpose then I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not a social venue.

These people that want to used restrooms intended for the opposite sex are only seeking attention in pushing the matter to court. There’s no other explanation.



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