Supression of the Intercessors of the Lamb

I looked here to see if anyone had reported that Archbishop George Lucas in Omaha, NE has supressed the Hermit Association of the Intercessors of the Lamb a few weeks ago. He shut the association down as a Catholic enttity after former leader Nadine Brown and her board failed to cooperate with the Archbishop's office. In the summer of 2009, Brown asked Lucas to move the Intercessors of the Lamb forward to become an official religious order. After a canon lawyer, sent by Lucas, visited to learn more about the association's mission, structure and purpose, the Archbishop's office asked Nadine Brown to resign, in part because of financial and other irregularities. A trustee was named by the Archbishop. However, the board then declined to cooperate with the continued investigation so a decision was made to suppress the group. Basically, this means that the organization is declared to not be a Catholic organization and no deacons or priests may minister at the property owned by the association. In late October, 48 members of the association were bussed from the property and the Archbishop has asked that people refrain from using materials or websites associated with Nadine Brown. If you are interested in more information, please go to Lastly, please pray for all those who have been left without a home with the Intercessors of the Lamb. Sadly, they will need to discern a new path for the future and they will need all of our prayers. They have been loyal supporters of the Archbishop, who has been very kind and supportive of them. They recently moved to a dormitory on a small college campus where the Archbishop is supporting them for a year, allowing them to determine their future. God bless our Archbishop for caring so much.

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