Surge of Zika Virus Has Brazilians Re-examining Strict Abortion Laws

From today’s New York Times:

RECIFE, Brazil — The surging medical reports of babies being born with unusually small heads during the Zika epidemic in Brazil are igniting a fierce debate over the country’s abortion laws, which make the procedure illegal under most circumstances.

Prominent legal scholars in Brasília, the capital, are preparing a case to go before Brazil’s highest court, arguing that pregnant women should be permitted to have abortions when their fetuses are found to have abnormally small heads, a condition known as microcephaly that Brazilian researchers say is linked to the virus.

A judge in central Brazil has taken the rare step of publicly proclaiming that he will allow women to have legal abortions in cases of microcephaly, preparing the way for a fight over the issue in parts of the country’s labyrinthine legal system.

And here in Recife, the Brazilian city hit hardest by the increase in microcephaly and the brain damage that often comes with it, abortion rights activists are seizing on the crisis to counter conservative lawmakers who have long wanted to make Brazil’s abortion laws — already among the most stringent in Latin America — more restrictive.

Leave it to moral liberals to use a tragedy to wedge open the door to Satan. :mad:

This is unconscionable! The idea that one would deny someone life over the fact that they have a disability is horrifying. If someone were to propose doing this to disabled infants or the disabled at any other stage of life we would rightfully look down upon them for their intolerable lack of humanity. To hold that the preborn are worthy of life yet allow the disabled among them to be killed is arguably worse than America’s legalization of abortion from a Justice standpoint – for at least the American system is consistent when it says the unborn are not human beings. If Brazil accepts this law, the newborn will be legally human beings who we willfully murder for our own convenience when they do not suit our own conception of what type of life is “valuable”. Truly, this news is worthy of disgust.

Unfortunately we already see the abortion of people with disabilities even now. Some studies suggest that 90% or more of pregnancies where a woman is carrying a child with trisomy 21 (Down’s Syndrom) are terminated. Some justify it by claming it is cruel to the child and it is merciful to spare them that life.

When my wife was carrying our oldest son, tests indicated he had a 1 in 5 chance of having spina bifida or an open neural defect. I remember the doctor saying that depending on the severity he would not make it to his first birthday and would have a lifetime of problems. Because he was about 19 weeks we needed to “make a decision quickly if we wanted to avoid heartache”. The decision was quick. There was no way we were going to kill our child. Even if he only lived an hour after birth we had to give him every opportunity. Well 18+ years later he probably appreciates us not taking the OBs nudging to “avoid heartache”.


Brasil has the most Catholics in the world.

I’ve heard several kids tell me that their parents made the exact same decision (to keep them alive) for either them or their siblings. In all of the cases I know the children turned out perfectly healthy, despite the doctor’s diagnosis.

The slaughter of those with Down Syndrome is especially depressing. Having met a few children with Down Syndrome, I can say truthfully that they are probably among the kindest beings in this world. That they have been slaughtered indiscriminately throughout history indicates to me, not that they are inferior, but that we miserable sinners of this world are not worthy of their company. May God and the angels enjoy the blessing we so casually tossed aside.

*“Often people ask, “How can you say you’re blessed to have a son with Down syndrome?” My outlook on life has forever changed. I see my own challenges differently. He’s always showing me that life is so much bigger than self.” *
― Yvonne Pierre

Possibly true, but the point of a court is that it is supposed to uphold The Just even against the will of the majority. Sadly, this power all too often means it institutes the unjust while the sleeping populace is not looking. There is only one Court that has true Justice and it is not in Brazil (or any other country of this Earth ;)).

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