Surgery tomorrow

Can I ask for prayers for myself and my family? I’m having surgery tomorrow, to remove a cyst from behind my uterus. It’s huge and has gotten much bigger in just the last couple of weeks, so the surgery is going to be a big deal, lots of recovery time. Please pray for me, for my doctor and nurses, and especially for my husband, parents, brothers, sister in law, and all those who will be with me at this time. Thank you so much!

May you and your family’s fears and anxieties be comforted. May peace and consolation be yours. May the Lord guide the skill of all the medical professionals assisting you on your road to health and recovery. May your journey of recovery be filled with love and hope. Do not be afraid and keep Him close to your heart as we pray for the best possible outcome for you. Amen.

I will be praying for you and for the doctors and nurses who will be caring for you.

Please take it easy as doctor orders during your recovery and let us know how every thing goes when you are up to it.



aurora, you and your family are in my prayer.

God bless!

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