Surplice Vs. Cotta


What’s the difference?


In the U.K. a surplice is longer than a cotta, has rounded, full, often bell-shaped, sleeves and a rounded neck; a cotta is shorter, has rectangular sleeves and often a square cut neck. They are essentially just variations of the same garment, the tradition here is for choristers to wear a surplice and altar servers to wear a cotta (although in Westminster Cathedral the choir also wears cottas - maybe there was a sale on).


What you’re saing is…


^^ Surplice


^^ Cotta


Other way round. The cotta is the more ‘box’ shaped.


i’ve edited it- I noticed right after posting haha


Different styles shown here:

and here:

Note that an organist’s surplice has a cut made almost up to the shoulder on the sleeves to allow free movement.


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