Surprise guest cameo in "The Hobbit"?

Okay, this is from an interview in a magazine that no good Catholic should probably read, but there’s nothing objectionable in the (on-line) interview. After discussing his obsession with science fiction which began after the tragic death of his father and brothers, Stephen Colbert said, “When I was 13, one of my friends pressed into my hands The Lord of the Rings and said, “You’ve got to read this.” And I loved it. As you can tell, I’m a little obsessed. [points to a Lord of the Rings pinball machine in the corner of his office]”

PLAYBOY: What appealed to you about the books as a teenager?

COLBERT: In some ways it was about escape. I think there’s absolute truth in escaping the reality of your present predicament. And that can just be about being young. It doesn’t have to be tragedy. There’s a tragedy to being 13. Things are changing. Friends are changing. Your body is changing. You need to escape that. My additional emotional crises don’t necessarily explain my interest in it.

PLAYBOY: Didn’t you visit the Hobbit film shoot in New Zealand?

COLBERT: I did. [Director] Peter Jackson invited me to the set last year. I flew out and watched them shoot some scenes and went to some locations. I saw a 25-minute cut, and it was amazing. Jackson knows I’m a big fan of the films.

PLAYBOY: You flew out to New Zealand just to watch? He didn’t hire you as an extra or something?

COLBERT: [Smiles]

PLAYBOY: Are you telling us you’re in the Hobbit movie?

COLBERT: Could be. [smiles]

PLAYBOY: Can you elaborate?

COLBERT: [Fumbles with paper on his desk] So, uh, I was just writing Mr. Jackson a note to congratulate him on making The Hobbit into three movies. Because I think that’s just fantastic.

PLAYBOY: You’re not going to tell us anything, are you?

COLBERT: [Smiles, says nothing]

I’m wondering whom he might play…

I am betting his ego was the only thing Peter Jackson could find that was big enough to play Smaug… or maybe the Lonely Mountain.

Seriously, how can this be serious? It’s Colbert.



Actually I heard Benedict Cumberbatch was playing Smaug… Guess Colbert’s just left with the Lonely Mountain then :wink:

:D. This is truly awesome, very cool. He’s actually a better actor than people might think. It takes some serious talent to keep up the ridiculous schtick he does so flawlessly on tv. But I think he’s just going to be a very brief cameo, like a human soldier in Bard’s army or something. They’ve said elsewhere he’s not going to be in the first movie, so I take it that means no one of major consequence in the story.

Colbert actually is a good actor, but people are used to seeing him play “Stephen Colbert,” the host of his show. I saw him do a couple of very bizarre characters when he was with the Second City troupe that most people probably wouldn’t recognize as him.

Hate his show, but he was hilarious in Strangers With Candy:shrug:

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