Surprise in the Bulletin: Ordinary Form Latin Mass

So I was reading the church bulletin today after mass, and in a week or so my church is going to start gradually holding the weekday mass in Latin - it’ll be the ordinary form, but still, it’s incredibly exciting since at my parish we hardly ever use Latin at all save for Holy Thursday (Pange Lingua) and Benediction (O Salutaris and Tantum Ergo). The priest is going to use time before mass to “review” the responses, so that people say them correctly.

What’s also neat is that, very likely, the kids who go to the Catholic school will be exposed to this, as they attened the weekday masses.

I’m not sure if the motu proprio has anything to do with this, as someone told me ages ago that the priest was warm towards Latin and “was wanting to do a mass in Latin.” I think once a group of people - including children - become familiar with the responses in Latin, then maybe the Sunday mass will be affected.

So I ask that the folks here pray for the success of this, even if you don’t like the ordinary form.

This is wonderful news! :smiley: Even if there are those who “don’t like the ordinary form”, to celebrate Mass in Latin is in line with Holy Father’s instructions on the matter (see Sacramentum Caritatis, n. 69, I think!) and is helping to restore the place of Latin in Church (I am thinking of Veterum Sapientia and one of the things coming out of Trent).

Anyway, great news!! :thumbsup:

I attend the Ordinary Rite in Latin here in Downtown Denver. The Cathedral has the Tridentine one Mass per Sunday and we have a FSSP parish local. I love Denver and His Eminence Abp. Chaput. :thumbsup:

You are so blessed with that wonderful Bishop, and the FSSP also! Just looked at your link and it’s full of great resources; love the pictures too. :thumbsup:

Indeed we are. Denver’s been a cornerstone of orthodoxy in the American Church. Our last Abp was excellent too. James Francis Cardinal Stafford who now serves in a Curial position in Rome confirmed me. :thumbsup:

That is great news, especially if the kids are exposed to it as well. I am hoping to see the same thing in our bulletin soon.

That’s great, so they are finally beginning to implement Vatican II over at your parish.

I have been reading the documents again and I am waiting for Latin at my parish, they speak of Vatican II so much, I am just waiting for them to implement it. :slight_smile:

God Bless

Good for you. I wish things like that would happen here where I live. I contacted my diocese office and I got nowhere with them. They made it crystal clear that they weren’t going to lift a finger to help me. They are very clever at hiding behind phrases like, “well, when we see sufficient interest in a Latin Mass from the people then we’ll consider having one.”

Will they promote having a latin mass in the diocesen newspaper? No. Will my parish priest put a two sentence line in the bulletin asking if anyone is interested in the latin mass? No. Will they post a sign up sheet in the back of the church to see what kind of interest might be out there? No. Do they intend to help Catholics who are attached to the Tridentine rite in any way? No.

Keep in mind that I walked into church this past sunday and saw a pile of fliers advertising yoga, a Hindu form of mediation, to be held in the parish hall. But that’s par for the course around here.

If I was a Muslim or an evangelical Protestant or a Vegan and I wanted to worship a head of lettuce alongside the Blessed Sacrament as part of an "interfaith service " to “help promote dialogue” I would bet a thousand Cumbayas they would be rolling out the red carpet for me.

It’s the worst kept secret in Catholic America. The vast majority of priests and bishops in this country wish that Benedict XVI had never been elected, that Motu Proprio had never been written and that people like me would just go away.

I’m glad that you here are happy for my parish. I really hope this thing goes over well, as I’ve read many stories online about how fragile even a minor return to traditional practices can be and realize anything could happen after the next few weeks. I plan on offering encouraging words to the priest after mass. Perhaps in a few weeks I’ll know more about what the overall goal is (it surely can’t be just limited to a few weekday masses in the long run with no effect on the Sunday masses - which remain exclusively in English at this time).

Titus, don’t lose faith. The fact of the matter is we and those like us aren’t going away, we’re growing. No amount of obfuscation, quibbling,whining, or crying on the part of the (luke)warm and fuzzy can change that fact.

30 years ago, many thought they had put the TLM and other equally vibrant and important components of our Faith to rest and looked forward to a bright and happy future where armies of appropriately progressive members of the church washed in the Spirit of Vatican II™ marched arm in arm to the strains of Haas and Haugen while felt banners fluttered in the breeze.

Today it is Gregorian chant that fills the air, however faintly, and it is EWTN and not Richard McBrien that is beamed into our homes via satellite. It will certainly take time for the TLM to again be heard in every diocese just as it will take time for the Novus Ordo to be celebrated everywhere in the manner that was intended rather than the Bugnini inspired Mad Lib that it has become in some places. Time though, is on our side.

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