Surprise party!


I’m in the beginning stages for planning a surprise birthday party for my DH who is turning 25 on the 25th :D.

Anyone planned one? I was thinking of BBQing, but other than that, what does one do at a party? Just eat and hangout and talk? I’ve never planned anything big as far as get-togethers go - usually only one or two other couples and such, but I’m hoping to invite about 30-40 people (not expecting all of them to show up).

Also, our apartment is kind of small - do you think a cookout at a park or something would be good, pending weather of course?

Any ideas or experiences are welcome! :slight_smile:


A cookout at a park sounds like a fantastic idea!!! The only downside is worrying about the weather! You can get decorations at the dollar store of course. You can have a big game of baseball/softball or something too. That would be fun.

Food canbe tough with that many people so make it kind of a potluck where everyone brings their own meat or something…

Surprise parties are great!


Lotus… Bless your heart!!! Yes a cookout usually is a great idea for this time of year and what better place than a park! Last weekend I had a party at a park for my dd and her spanish class. We served pop, chips and salsa, churros, and cookies and played latino music via laptop. For a birthday party I usually do dogs and burgers, maybe some chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, veggies and dip, pop, chips and snackie foods…

Entertainment can be as simple as music playing or you can bring some frisbees and stuff like that (mitts and balls, etc if you have them).


Cookout at a park is great - provided they have decent bathrooms.

Food, beverages and conversation with interesting people - my favorite way to spend an evening!


I would love to go to a cookout… RIGHT NOW. How relaxing and what a great way to spend time with your own family and others.

Can you book an spot in a city park for this? Or do you have any friends who live on an acreadge or in a rural area where you can use their yardspace?

As for how to surprise your DH… I guess you can say that you and another couple are meeting up for a picnic in the park or something? Or even just you guys as a family.


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