Surprised by Truth: Patrick Madrid's series of books:

The books that allow former-Protestants, many of whom were ministers, share their conversion story to Catholicism. Do Protestants have any books like this that discuss how former-Catholics tell their stories of why they chose the Protestant faith and left the One True Faith started by Christ? Just curious.

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The answer to your question is yes, and a comparison is quite illuminating, clearly favoring conversion to Catholicism (in fact, I myself am just such a convert). As for Protestant testimonies, there’s a book titled Far From Rome, Near To God. Also, James McCarthy has edited a brief volume. Madrid’s books, however, far exceed these as biblical, historical, and rational accounts of modern Christian conversion.


When I have read those ex-Catholic conversion stories, I have pounded the pages to read from former nuns and priests the utter distortions of the Catholic faith from which their conversion has “freed” them. Poppycock and balderdash unbounded.

Not that a lot of people did not receive some pretty bad catechesis from Sisters and even Priests who were more interested in keeping a lid on the kids rather than helping them to mature in their faith. A lot of ex-Catholics leave the Church with an extremely elementary education and immature view of the faith.

I think it’s “harder” to become Catholic. Converts from Protestantism (as opposed to converts from ‘nothing’ or paganism) already know Jesus, they struggle with the Christian issues: Justification, grace, sacraments, moral theology, the nature of faith . . . Converts into the Church tend to pour a lot more brainpower, willpower and emotion-power into the issue than those who leave, many of whom are rejecting the moral teachings but disguising it with a theological mask.

As someone posted on another thread, we get their cream while they get our sour milk.

Snort! :rotfl: Don’t write stuff like that so early in the morning. My coffee is all over my keyboard!

So, why aren’t there more conversion stories chronicled on CD or book from former Catholics who became Protestant when they “saw the light”??? I think I know why. Any thoughts?

Our church has probably close to 1,000 converts! How many stories would you like?

Yeah well blessed are the meek!:rolleyes:

Just why aren’t all these Cath-Prot conversions chronicled on CD or in books then??? Do you know of any Catholic priests who left and became Protestant? I know of dozens of former Protestant pastors/ministers who became staunchly Catholic when they discovered the Truth. I’m just curious why it doesn’t seem to happen as often the other way?

In the stories I’ve heard and read, I see a theme.
People leave the Catholic Faith for emotional reasons.
People come to the Catholic Faith from studying.


I remember hearing somewhere (probably from Bishop Sheen when he had his broadcasts back in the 1950s) that an Anglican clergyman told him once “I just wish, when you pull up the weeds from your garden, that you wouldn’t throw them into our yard”…:smiley:

This is only partly true. In the aftermath of the “intellectual” conviction that I had to convert, I experienced one full year of PROFOUND consolation – the gift of tears, daily, every time I picked up the Scriptures. It was a time absolutely saturated with emotional conviction and affirmation, of supernatural peace. The peace is still there.

there’s an evangelical church down the street from my house, “iglesia del nazareno”. because it’s an all-hispanic congregation, i would imagine most if not all of the churchgoers there are ex-catholics.

At the moment, there’s an obvious wave of conversions from Protestantism to the Catholic faith that began in the late '80s. Back in the '70s, during the Jesus Movement, there was a similar wave of conversions in the other direction, particularly by Catholic priests who were disappointed or disillusioned with the practical results of the Second Vatican Council. The book I mentioned above, Far From Rome, Near to God, contains the testimonies of fifty Catholic priests who converted to some form of Protestantism, many of them during the 1970s rise of conservative Protestantism in America (the Moral Majority, Jimmy Carter announcing he was “born again,” etc.). So the pendulum tends to swing in both directions and, at the moment, it’s tending to swing in the direction of Rome. As Catholics, it seems prudent that we take advantage of this move of God’s grace, and reach as many as we can with the true doctrines of Christ’s Church (Mt. 16:18-19).



My Catholic parish boasts a large number of converts from Evangelical Protestantism as well, myself among them. Of course, the real question is whether one has followed the truth of Christ in one’s conversion, or has simply been led away from it.



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